One Party Interventionist State — Ron Paul With Charles Goyette

by | Sep 12, 2014

Paul Goyette

The two US political parties are united in their dedication to foreign interventionism, Ron Paul told Charles Goyette in their weekly podcast.

Where did all the weapons come from that ISIS is using to wreak havoc in parts of Iraq and Syria? From the US! That is why the first order of bombing business was for US weapons to destroy other US weapons that were in the hands of ISIS.

Dr. Paul noted: “I bet the military industrial complex is not going to worry too much about this.”

In reaction to the president’s recent war speech, Dr. Paul predicted a gradual and steady escalation of US involvement in the region. He noted the “no troops on the ground” promise is already violated by the special forces, CIA, and contractors currently operating in Iraq and probably Syria.

Listen to more of Dr. Paul’s take on the president’s recent speech here.


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