Obama Taps the Clapper to Present Syria Intelligence Dossier

by | Aug 30, 2013

Clapper Liar

President Obama, stung by the defection of the British government from his very tiny “coalition of the willing” to attack Syria, has decided to push on ahead without allies. To go it alone. Perhaps it is meant to look decisive, but in reality it looks rather foolhardy. Everyone else thinks it’s a bad idea, even the rabidly anti-Assad Arab League, but he does not care. Attacking Syria is a matter of the US national interest, he told PBS Wednesday.

Today he promises to release a declassified version of an intelligence dossier he says will prove to the highly skeptical American people and their — with few exceptions — war-eager but politically cautious representatives in Congress that without a doubt chemical weapons were used in Syria on August 21 and that it was the Syrian government that used them. This should be a neat trick, as the UN investigative team actually on the ground doing the testing will not be able to make a determination until Saturday.

As this is to be a product of the US Intelligence Community, the ultimate responsibility for the truthfulness and honesty of this dossier will fall on Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

Yes, the guy who lied to Congress and the America people about NSA spying just months ago.

President Bush had his “Curveball,” Obama has his Clapper…

Do you trust Clapper to tell us the truth?

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