Now That Syria Door is Open, Neo Cons Marching In

by | Jun 21, 2013

Now that President Obama has officially opened the Syrian door, neocons are tripping over themselves to pile in and deepen the US commitment.

For the neocon warmonger, the toughest battle is getting that initial opening. Neocons have been persistently aggressive during the entirety of the Syrian conflict, and have said whatever was necessary to get Obama to overtly commit.

Unfortunately, they’ve once again received their wish.

Obama has stated that the U.S. will send “small arms” and ammunition, but one would have to be terribly naive to think that it will end right there.

Neocons are not wasting their time.

Max Boot writes:

“…providing small arms to the rebels will not stop the regime, which is reconquering territory in northern Syria. More dramatic action is needed to tilt the balance of power.”

Senators McCain & Graham are both pining for a no-fly zone. Another group of 62 foreign-policy hands (who have nothing but previous failures on their resumes) are calling for the U.S. to setup “safe zones” in Syria where civilians can flee to, and where the Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels can train and organize.

History teaches us that when government decides to act nefariously, it always starts off with a tiny wedge. It merely seeks to get its foot in the door. Obama has entered that wedge, and as of today, its name is “small arms” and ammunition.

But you can be sure, with the war machine now in “official” motion, more involvement is on the way.