Nixon’s Dollar Destruction at 50 – Join Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and Special Guests in Houston!

by | Jun 16, 2021


Join RPI founder Ron Paul, Ludwig von Mises Institute founder (and former Rep. Ron Paul chief-of-staff) Lew Rockwell, and special guests to be announced for a small, intimate luncheon to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Nixon closing the gold window and severing that last bit of connection between that green piece of paper called the US dollar and gold.

The Ron Paul Institute in the business of bringing people together, and what a way to jump back in the saddle than this terrific seminar one of Houston’s most enjoyable and interesting venues: the Karbach Brewery. There will be a luncheon buffet, soft drinks, and a no-host bar right in the room to sample Karbach’s tasty brews.

The booms and busts, the endless wars, the explosion of the welfare state, the destruction of the dollar, the expansion of the dangerous US empire – these have all come about due to the reckless act of Tricky Dick back in 1971. Tickets are very limited so be a part of this historic event by getting yours today!