Neocon David Brooks Gets All Teary-Eyed Remembering the Good Old (Commie) Days

by | Mar 4, 2016


In one of his recent NY Times columns the house neocon bemoans “the force of individualism” that he says is leading to a dreaded “atomization of intellectual life.” He then gets all nostalgic over the far superior good ole days:

Eighty years ago engaged students at City College in New York sat in the cafeteria hour after hour, debating [which type of communism was better]. The Trotskyites were smarter and won the debates, the Leninist faction eventually forbade their cadres from even talking to them.

Among the “smarter” Trotskyites were many of the founding fathers of neo-conservatism such as Irving Kristol, father of Bill, among others. Who would ever have dreamed back then that a ragtag cabal of teenage communists from New York would some day take over the American foreign policy establishment?

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