Michael Rubin Grabs A Page From W’s Playbook

by | Sep 23, 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood has been on quite a roller-coaster ride in Egypt over the last year. In 2012, Mohamed Morsi was elected as Egypt’s very first President who was not a part of the military.

This past summer, just one year later, the military overthrew Morsi and took back control. To add insult to injury, today the news was released that an Egyptian court has completely banned the Muslim Brotherhood.

Talk about a turnaround!

Neocon Michael Rubin gives his stamp of approval:

..the Egyptian government has banned the Muslim Brotherhood and confiscated its assets. Are the interim Egyptian government’s actions fair? No. But are they right? Yes.

Rubin takes it a bit further though. He decided to grab a page right out of George W. Bush’s playbook. Many readers will recall that back in 2008, one of the largest heists in world history took place known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (or TARP). George “The Decider” explained his support with a classic Bushism:

“I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system”

Heck, if something so illogical can work for the ‘liberator of Iraq’, why not try to apply the same thinking to the events in Egypt?

Michael Rubin delivers:

…the policy of the United States should be to roll back the Muslim Brotherhood and see its defeat not only in Egypt, but also in Gaza, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen and Turkey. Expanding democracy’s reach should still be a guiding principle of US foreign policy, but sometimes democracy as a result stands a better chance of taking root when there is less democracy in the initial process. (my emphasis)

As I pointed out in yesterday’s Neocon Watch, democracy is nothing but a cover for the neocons. Democracy is whatever they say it is. Rubin’s commentary on Egypt is just another example of that fact.