Michael Ledeen: A Deal With Iran Is Not Enough

by | Jul 10, 2014

Ledeen FDD

If you’re a non-interventionist, neocon Michael Ledeen has some news for you. Don’t get too excited about a nuclear deal with Iran:

First, our problems with Iran go way beyond the nuclear deal. If we could wave a magic wand and cause the entire nuclear project to disappear, we would still have to contend with a radical Islamist regime that has declared war on us, and is waging it from the Middle East to South America.

Isn’t that an odd statement?

Iran is waging war on “us” in the Middle East and South America? Since when are the Middle East and South America “us”?

Perhaps I need a new map….

Here’s what Ledeen wants:

What would a serious post-nuclear strategy look like? I have long advocated supporting the internal Iranian opposition.

Hasn’t the US done enough damage by “supporting” opposition to governments that they don’t like. Did Benghazi teach anyone a lesson? How about supporting the Al Qaeda in Syria? Does the acronym ISIS mean anything? Those are just the most recent episodes of militarizing the opposition that backfired. And Ledeen wants yet another round?

Getting involved in the affairs of other nations is much too complex of an endeavor, which is why it never works. Unintended consequences are all but guaranteed. If anything, US foreign policy over the last 100 years offers solid empirical proof.

But it never ends with the neocons. They’re going to try and get away with their discredited tactics for as long as they can.

Ledeen needs to: A) Get a new map so that he can accurately identify “us” on it; and B) Read the U.S. Constitution!