Medvedev Suggests Parking Hypersonic Missiles Near the Potomac

by | Jan 9, 2023


Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian president, prime minister, and now deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia, posted the following statement to Telegram on January 6.

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin deployed the frigate Admiral Gorshkov. It is armed with Zircon hypersonic missiles (3M22 Tsirkon). Admiral Gorshkov will travel “on a transoceanic cruise in a show of force as tensions with the West escalate over the war in Ukraine,” according to the LA Times.

The latest version of the Zircon missile is capable of screaming toward a target at Mach 8, around 7,000 miles per hour, and is reportedly unstoppable.

Parking hypersonic missiles 100 miles off the Potomac, which flows through DC, is an obvious warning that Russia has the ability to strike the neoliberal order where it hurts.

Medvedev doesn’t pull punches. He tells us, in language avoided by Putin, what he thinks of the USG and its continued exercise of the Wolfowitz Doctrine, that is to say, the belief all competitors must be confronted and destroyed if demonstrating intransigence or resistance. Competitors will be eliminated, similar to the way Slobodan Milošević, Saddam Hussein, and Moammar Gadaffi were eliminated.

From Medvedev’s Telegraph account:

The United States is spending tens of billions on the war in Ukraine, supplying its weapons on a gigantic scale, and exterminating thousands of people with other people’s hands. This is outrageous cynicism in the best traditions of the Nazis. Yes, in fact, the sons of bitches, who are such nonsense, are the true heirs of Reich propaganda minister Josef Goebbels.Only this stillborn nonsense has no effect on anyone. And the answer to it you will not get in official silence.

Indeed, the entire USG propaganda campaign takes cues from Goebbels, and the Big Lie formulated by Hitler in his memoir “Mein Kampf,” written while in prison after a failed coup, a putsch. Hitler knew that when a Big Lie is repeated over and over, day after day, week after week, the public eventually accepts it as reality.

The USG Big Lie portrays Russia as losing in Ukraine. However, according to journalists on the ground in eastern Ukraine (not corporate journalists ensconced in Kyiv hotels), it is Ukraine that is suffering slow-motion defeat, tens of thousands of its soldiers chewed up by constant Russian shelling. Russia’s strategic retreat from Kherson and Lyman is portrayed as an epic defeat, a turn in the war that will eventually tear apart the Russian Federation.

The goal of the ruling global elite is to prevent the emergence of all competitors, as stated in the Wolfowitz Doctrine, officially titled “Defense Planning Guidance for the 1994–99 fiscal years,” formulated in 1992 under the direction of Dick Cheney. It eventually became known as the Bush Doctrine. The tenets of this doctrine are now being used to “weaken” Russia, considered a major competitor along with China.

Medvedev knows this. Putin knows this. Most Americans, thanks to endless propaganda, don’t know anything about this. The Big Lie corporate media feeds them fantasies, warning Russia is determined to reestablish the Soviet empire.

This rubbish is pushed by the former ambassador to Russia, and Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Alexander Vershbow, who said, “Putin wants to rebuild the Russian empire as his legacy… We have to figure out whether he can be stopped.”

This made-up excuse is nothing if not a raison d’être for the continued existence of NATO. Minus a manufactured or actual threat, NATO does not have an excuse for maintaining its existence. NATO is a tool for the destruction of targeted states—Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Somalia, and Libya. It has nothing to do with European security—and it certainly does not have a role in the security of America.

The unlikely prospect of unstoppable Zircon missiles striking DC will be exploited by the USG to further its propaganda campaign and instill fear in a malleable public. The fact the USG has sent the nuclear submarine USS New Mexico—armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles—into Russian territorial waters is left unmentioned.

“Currently, the nuclear submarine USS New Mexico is located about 500 km from the Russian territorial border and will quickly shorten this distance,” DefenceNews reported a month before the Russian SMO.

Block V Virginia-class submarines can carry 40 cruise missiles, allowing the US to withdraw converted Ohio-class nuclear submarines, making up for the shortfall in long-range missile firepower in the “superpower competition” with Russia and China.

In addition, the ship is also equipped with 4 533 mm torpedo tubes, compatible with Mk 48 heavy torpedoes or AGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles…

The Wolfowitz Doctrine, and the hegemonic designs of the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, make it more than obvious—the USG will not tolerate competition for influence and resources, and it will go to war to retain the ability to kill people living in countries that reject the neoliberal looting and pillage agenda.

Increasingly, it appears that effort will result in WWIII, the final war terminating in nuclear winter, and the extinction of all living creatures.

Reprinted with permission from Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics.
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