Lieberman: ‘Attack Assad AND ISIS!’

by | Sep 22, 2014


Joe Lieberman finds no reason to keep up the facade of the backdoor-to-war with Syria. He flat out said on Face The Nation Sunday: “We should attack Assad and fight ISIS.”

The neocons, who were rebuked by the American public when Obama initially wanted to attack Syria, are back in the saddle. A couple of ISIS YouTube videos and it’s back to war with Assad — who also happens to be at war with ISIS!

Keep Robert Parry’s thoughts in mind as this story continues to unravel:

In the weeks ahead, Assad also will surely be portrayed as obstructing the U.S. attacks on ISIS. He likely will be blamed for a lack of cooperation with the airstrikes even though it was the Obama administration that refused to coordinate with Assad’s government.

In addition, while Lieberman (in typical neocon fashion) wants to shoot first and think second, Patrick Buchanan actually considers the consequences. Buchanan asks whether the neocons believe that: “Hezbollah and Iran, which have expended blood and treasure sustaining their ally Assad in his civil war, will sit still and watch us bomb him? Will Putin do nothing as we bomb his ally?”

Lieberman has shown his hand: a desire for a much larger and expanded conflict against Syria.