Jennifer Rubin: We Won The Iraq War!

by | Jan 6, 2014


Reality never seems to phase neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin. Last year marked 10 years since the dreaded US invasion of Iraq, and most of her fellow neocons had the sense to keep a low profile. Even they knew not to draw attention to such an abysmal failure.

But not Rubin! She was perplexed, and ready to deny reality like a good trooper. Why were her fellow gang members so reticent? ”Where are the Iraq War Defenders?’ went the headline:

I’ve been surprised by the lack of effort on the part of those who backed the Iraq War to defend it. They were unusually quiet as the 10th anniversary of the war came and went, as if in a defensive crouch while the “what a disastrous war” crowd had the field.

Well, since that time last year, the situation in Iraq has gotten even worse! Just last month alone, nearly 1,000 people were killed. Dr. Paul writes that “Iraq is the ‘liberation’ neocons would rather forget.”

Not Rubin! She has no intention of forgetting her version of the story. Rubin remains obstinate to this very day:

Consider that the Iraq war was won and al-Qaeda crushed when President George W. Bush left office.

The Iraq war was “won” and al-Qaeda was “crushed”?

Someone please alert Rubin that the U.S. brought al-Qaeda into Iraq! They were not in Iraq prior to the horrendous invasion in 2003. They were no friends of Saddam Hussein!

Do you know what Rubin’s logic is equivalent to? Imagine going to a doctor visit. When your doctor enters the room, he swings a baseball bat at your leg and breaks a bone. The same doctor then resets the bone, puts it in a cast, and then brags about how he fixed your leg! You’re supposed to ignore the fact that the doctor was the one that broke your leg!

The US “won” the Iraq war in the same way that Greenspan & Bernanke created prosperity with their stock market and housing booms. Eventually, the hard truth is revealed. We’re seeing it both in our shattered economy, and in the daily chaos that emerges from Iraq.

Just don’t try to convince Jennifer Rubin that Americans have “lost” in so many incalculable ways. Like Charlie Sheen, she’s always WINNING!