Jennifer Rubin Botches Ron Paul’s Position on Israel

by | Nov 14, 2013

Neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin, writes:

You see, just about every pol except [Rand] Paul’s father would say Israel is a great friend, and we need to stand by our closest ally in the region.

Before we get to the big error, let’s knock out the initial sloppiness first. Ron Paul is no longer a politician, or “pol”. Rubin may feel like Ron Paul is still in politics, since the neocons must now constantly battle the ideas of non-interventionism, but Ron Paul himself has left for bigger and better things.

Next to Rubin’s flawed portrayal of Ron Paul’s position on Israel. Let’s look at Dr. Paul’s actual words from last year:

I would want to maintain very close relations with Israel. I want to be a good friend of Israel. And I also want to respect them in many ways… I do not think the United States should undermine their sovereignty in any way.

The establishment of Israel came about in a movement called Zionism, and Zionism had two basic principles: independence & self-reliance. And I agree with those two fundamental premises of Zionism. I also don’t think that we should tell them what to do. If they want to have a peace treaty with some neighbor and think that they can work it out, they shouldn’t have to ask us for permission. They shouldn’t have to ask us permission to defend their borders. It should be their business.

But also, I do not believe that I should take money from anybody here, and send money to Israel. Now some people would say: “Oh, that means you’re anti-Israel”. First, when you give money, that implies ‘we own you’. …

We should be friends. We should trade with them. We have every reason to want to get along and we can.

Looks like Jennifer Rubin botched her portrayal of Ron Paul pretty badly. A quick Google or YouTube search could have saved her the embarrassment.