Is Brzezinski Pushing Ethnic Cleansing for Eastern Ukraine?

by | Jul 3, 2014


Global chessboard enthusiast Zbigniew Brzezinski has a plan for Ukraine. In a recent speech to the Woodrow Wilson Center, excerpted by the Atlantic Council, he argues forcefully in favor of the United States providing the Ukrainian military far more weapons.

Under the guise of preventing a Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has been the rallying cry of those who seek more US involvement in the region, Brzezinski believes that the US must provide Ukraine with enough weapons to deter Russian aggression toward Ukraine.

The odds of defending against the invading Russian military being very low, Brzezinski has a different idea of how the US should arm the Kiev government.

Said the former National Security Advisor:

I feel that we should make it clear to the Ukrainians that if they are determined to resist, as they say they are and seemingly they are trying to do so (albeit not very effectively), we will provide them with anti-tank weapons, hand-held anti-tank weapons, hand-held rockets—weapons capable for use in urban short range fighting.

The US must provide urban warfare equipment to the Kiev government, he says, in order to forestall the impending Russian invasion.

But what else could a huge shipment of urban warfare weapons and the advisors that go with them be used for?

Ethnic cleansing.

We already see with the resumption of Kiev’s attacks on the east, a sharp turn toward the targeting of civilian apartment blocks and non-military targets. We know from a recent United Nations report that more than 100,000 have already fled eastern Ukraine. The country’s post-coup president, Petro Poroshenko, was very clear, ending the ceasefire (that wasn’t much of a ceasefire) by stating that “We will attack and we will liberate our land!”

Does that mean liberating it from the “others” who do not accept rule by the post-coup government? Those who Kiev’s prime minister Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk has already called “subhumans“?

Urban warfare equipment and training for the Kiev military machine would, as Russian political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko points out, mean “municipal infrastructure will be destroyed, leading to a humanitarian catastrophe.” In his view, “[t]he war will continue, and people will gradually leave their homes. It will be bad for both sides, but neither one can stop now.”

Brzezinski has long advocated US domination of Ukraine to deprive Russia of any productive relationship with its neighbor. “Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire,” he wrote in his 1997 book book, The Grand Chessboard.

Ethnic cleansing of ethnic Russians and Russian speakers may be exactly what Brzezinski has in mind.


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