Iran and the Fairy Tale Atomic Bomb

by | May 12, 2019


Is it possible Senator Tom Cotton ghostwrites fairy tales on his days off from Congress? Cotton and his neocon buddies are pretty good at making things up.

For instance:

But you really don’t get the full impact unless you read the unabridged statement posted May 8 on his Senate webpage.

Europe must not give in to Tehran’s nuclear blackmail as the ayatollahs threaten to renew their rush toward the bomb. The United Kingdom, Germany, and France ought to walk away from their financial backchannels with Iran and join the United States in imposing maximum pressure on the regime. The United States will remain steadfast in its approach until Iran abandons its nuclear and missile programs and support for terrorism.

Nuclear blackmail.

This is the central theme of the fairy tale. Iran is making progress on a nuclear weapon. But like a lot of things the neocons claim, there isn’t a whole lot of evidence Iran is anywhere near developing a nuclear bomb, or even that it wants one.

The JCPOA is an agreement in part allowing the International Atomic Energy Agency to verify Iran’s compliance. It also allowed the IAEA“wider access to, and information on, Iran’s nuclear program and implements a more robust verification system.”

But, of course, we can’t have that.

The idea Iran is ruled by irrational religious fanatics determined to attack the Great Satan America and especially the Zionist state of Israel. It’s taken as uncontested fact these wild-eyed mullahs will nuke both if they can successfully cobble together an atomic bomb.

This idea must be implanted in the head of the average American through all-pervasive propaganda fed into social media, television, radio, and the internet at large.

Most Americans really don’t have a handle on what is happening. The illusion they believe is delivered in controlled fashion by corporate propaganda media network news, talk radio, countless videos on the internet, and above all social media.

Can you blame them?

It’s difficult enough making ends meet in this economy. It is managed by a financial elite and jimmy-rigged by a Federal Reserve and its monetary policies. Much wealth has gone to the crony capitalists, their industries are instrumental to the functioning of a national security state.

The so-called one percent is in fact more like the 0.01 percent. The average Joe and Jane are steadily losing ground in a dwindling and cannibalized middle class gutted by inflation, the offshoring and robotizing of employment, taxation, and ever-increasing government mandates, fees, fines, and revenue generation by militarized police at the local level.

The parasite is about to kill the host.

Economic disaster is now casting a portentous shadow. But what is the main concern in a neocon-ized WH?

Iran. Venezuela.

Saving Israel (from itself and its superannuated racist ideology).

Forcing a “peace deal” scribbled out by a Zionist and friend of Netanyahu who supports illegal settlers and their often violent response to Palestinians.

North Korea. Kim started up his missile program again.

Is this a third front for Trump and his Crusade Against the Oil and Commie Evildoers?

The national debt is an asteroid ready to hit America. No, it’s not as popular as the other asteroid, the one NASA says might get us like the one that killed off the dinosaurs. It’s like a Hollywood movie, another gripping disaster flick.

But the debt—what we owe the banks and other countries—is very rarely talked about, and certainly not made into a mini-series.

Instead, we get fairy tales, official lies and fabrications.

We’re stuck with war (again) and the tab for that and everything else the financial elite have us on the hook for, including having us foot a gambling debt in the billions.

But even that was a ruse designed to funnel more money up into the maw of an insatiable and criminal uber-wealthy leviathan.

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