Here Comes the Post- ‘Invasion’ Crackdown

by | Jan 13, 2021


Just as thunder follows lightning, you can rest assured that Democrats, the Deep State, and the mainstream press are going to use recent events at the Capitol to crack down on civil liberties. Why let a good opportunity to expand governmental power go to waste?

Why, some of these people are even alluding to such things as a “fascist” attempt to take over the government, a “putsch,” and the “Reichstag Fire.” And why not? They know that Hitler was able to use the terrorist firebombing of the Reichstag to get the Enabling Act passed, which gave him “temporary,” emergency, omnipotent, and tyrannical powers to enable him to protect “national security.”

That’s what Democrats and liberals are now doing. They are setting the stage for another civil-liberties crackdown, just like the one that they and Republicans and conservatives engaged in after the 9/11 attacks. That’s when we got the so-called USA PATRIOT Act, the illegal telecom scandal, the massive secret surveillance schemes, assassinations of “terrorists,” indefinite detention, kangaroo military tribunals, Gitmo, secret prisons, denial of due process, denial of speedy trial, torture, and much more — all to protect us and keep us safe from the “terrorists” and the Muslims.

Democrats and liberals, as well as the mainstream press, are referring to the event at the Capitol as an “invasion.” But that’s patently ridiculous. An invasion is what the US government did to Iraq. Troops shooting people. Planes dropping bombs on people and buildings. Torture of people at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. Indefinite detention. POWs. Massive death, suffering, and destruction.

Was that what happened at the Capitol? Not even close. The protestors didn’t come into the Capitol shooting people up with M-16s and AK-47 or by throwing grenades. Sure, one police officer and one protestor was killed during the melee but it clearly was not part of an overall attempt to violently take over the reins of the Capitol and declare Donald Trump king.

If this had been an invading force intending to conquer the US government, there would have been massive bloodshed and hostage-taking. The Pentagon would have sent the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions into the Capitol to wage war against the invaders. The Air Force would have had fighter planes firing missiles into enemy positions in the Capitol. The CIA would have been assassinating “terrorists.” And the FBI would have been engaged in massive round-ups across the country to protect “national security.”

None of that happened because it simply wasn’t an “invasion.” Instead, it was a bunch of angry people who were protesting what they are convinced was the fraudulent election of Joe Biden, by engaging mostly in trespass, vandalism, and theft, with some of them also committing assault. That’s why they are now being arrested by law-enforcement personnel and charged with criminal offenses rather than being taken captive and being held as prisoners of war and tortured.

In a sense, Democrats, liberals, and the mainstream press are doing what President Trump was doing when illegal immigrants and foreign refugees were trying to enter the United States to save or improve their lives. Trump referred to them as an “invaders,” which, again, was ridiculous given that the immigrants were not armed and were entering the country peacefully, unlike the real invasion that the Pentagon undertook in Iraq.

Part of the problem here is that Democrats, liberals, and the mainstream press — and, well, Republicans and conservatives too — are all scared to death of everything. It is supremely ironic that Americans live under the most powerful government in history, one that budgets untold amount of taxpayer money to the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI — and yet the United States has the most frightened people in the world. Americans are frightened of everything — the communists, the terrorists, the Muslims, the drug dealers, the illegal immigrants, and, scariest of all, some shirtless protestor in the Capitol wearing horns on his head.

And why not? Fear is the coin of the realm in any national-security state. People have to be made to feel afraid of their own shadow so that they will support and defend not only the existence of the national-security establishment but also whatever measures it deems necessary to protect “national security.”

The people of Hong Kong, many of whom are now being rounded up and incarcerated, are experiencing what it’s like to live under a national-security state. China has enacted a National Security Law designed to protect “national security” and is using it to crack down on dissent in Hong Kong. In the wake of the recent “invasion” of the capitol, don’t be surprised if the Democrat-controlled government, with the full support of the mainstream press, enacts and enforces its own National Security Law — to protect US “national security” of course.

Reprinted with permission from Future of Freedom Foundation.


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