Hardcore Warmongers Beat Up On Samantha Power

by | Jan 25, 2014


There are neocon warmongers, and “humanitarian” warmongers. They’re virtually the same, with the “humanitarians” presenting a slightly different facade.

Hardcore neocon warmongers believe that the U.S. should be attacking at all times. No need to sugarcoat. America is “exceptional”, and that is justification enough for any and all war. “Humanitarian” warmongers provide a sugarcoat. America is “exceptional” in their eyes as well, but the “humanitarians” seek to apply a veneer of “morality” in order to justify U.S. aggression.

Obviously, U.S. aggression can never be “humanitarian” or “moral”. And it’s not even close to being lawful or constitutional. Neither the neocon nor the humanitarian warmongers pay any attention to the latter. So they are, in every important way, fellow travellers in the Empire’s quest to conquer the world.

While neocon warmongers feel no need for sugarcoating, they will embrace their humanitarian cousins if they get close to power. If the end result means war, then who cares? Wrap the package however you want. Just make sure that the end result means war!

When “humanitarian” Samantha Power became Obama’s UN Ambassador, she received some claps from the hardcore neocon sect. People like John McCain and Max Boot saw someone who could help push Obama into war with Syria.

But then the American public (finally, and unexpectedly) rose up, and squashed any idea of Obama invading Syria. Instead, dialogue and peace is being sought.

These are unacceptable results for the neocon sect. And Samantha Power is now taking the wrath.

Danielle Pletka writes:

Moralists like Samantha Power, who lambasted Susan Rice for her own complicity in the Rwandan genocide and now sits by doing nothing.

As if Samantha Power can just start dropping bombs on her own. The President received a deafening “NO” from the American public, but somehow Samantha Power is supposed to “do something”.

Neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin, is so outraged at Samantha Power, that she devoted an entire article to ripping her apart. It concluded with the following words directed right at Power:

The administration in which you serve is the most indifferent to human rights of any in memory. You’ve been part of it, defending and excusing its moral sloth. In a better world, you’d resign, give back the Pulitzer and do something more constructive. Write a sequel, perhaps, about the age of genocide. You’ve been there, every step of the way.

This episode is very instructive on how the hardcore warmongers will tolerate the “humanitarians” if it leads to war. However, if it doesn’t lead to war, or worse, it leads to peace, then the gloves will come off.

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