Happy 'Russian Invasion' Day

by | Feb 16, 2022


I woke up early today because the moon is full and I have been promised a ‘Russian invasion’.

The sky was clouded, no moon to see, and the ‘invasion’ is for some reason way less bloody than anticipated.

Not all hope is lost though. It may still be coming:

The 3am time (1am GMT) when US intelligence sources suspected a Russian attack came and went without incident last night as Putin continued to keep The West guessing.

Cold clear skies over capital Kyiv – where locals had braced for an aerial blitz – remained silent save for passing commercial flights.

But tension remained high before dawn on the day American officials had said Putin’s invasion force would be unleashed on Ukraine.

I wonder why the map accompanying The Sun screed has four of the five arrows showing a ‘possible Russian advance’ plus all those artillery cannons and tanks point towards the east.

What is this supposed to say?

Anyway, let’s have a happy ‘Russian invasion’ day.

Reprinted with permission from Moon of Alabama.