George W. Bush: Don’t Talk to Iran!

by | Apr 28, 2015


Former President George W. Bush’s foreign and military legacy is not one resplendent with great victories. He and his advisors — with the help of an obedient media — lied the US into a war on Iraq where the mission was claimed accomplished before the real war had even begun. The “victory” was soon proven to be a chimera, paving the way for the emergence of al-Qaeda and ISIS instead of the promised democracy and peace. The cakewalk was a death walk.

Afghanistan was not much different. The longest war in US history was lost almost as it began, and it is only a matter of time before the US defeat is complete.

More than four trillion dollars have been spent on George W. Bush’s mistakes. As well as more than a million lives snuffed out.

With his record of failure so glaring, the former president has wisely chosen to keep his head down and his mouth shut on such issues. Until now, that is.

On Saturday George W. Bush stumbled back into the foreign policy debate to attack one of President Obama’s few foreign policy initiatives that has not included bombs being dropped: the negotiation and possible deal with Iran on its nuclear program.

Addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition in a closed-door session, President Bush is reported to have criticized any deal with Iran that would result in sanctions being lifted, as, he said, the Islamic Republic just seemed to be caving in. The idea that sanctions could be re-applied once they have been lifted is unrealistic, Bush said, therefore negotiation with Iran is bad for US national security.

The former president also opined on the threat of ISIS in the region, claiming it was just al-Qaeda’s “second act.” He failed to mention that the emergence of al-Qaeda in Iraq in the first place was the result of his 2003 invasion of that country.

Even the neocons must be slightly ill-at-ease to find the embodiment of their failed moment in the sun emerging back into the daylight from the shadows…


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