False Flag Alert on Refugee ‘Crisis’?

by | Sep 4, 2015


In the past week, the flood of undocumented and unregistered Middle Eastern and African migrants into the EU has become an inundation. The high water mark of the human tide is located in Hungary, which is not a logical outcome despite the country’s geographical position at the center of Europe. Understanding why is the key to understanding what is happening not in but to Europe.

After allowing unregistered migrants to board eastbound trains to Vienna and Munich, Hungary suddenly closed Budapest’s grand Keleti Train Station on Tuesday to migrants seeking transport to Germany via Austria and the Czech Republic. Thousands are now encamped outside the station surrounded by Hungarian police officers and the agents of smugglers’ networks. Until registered and approved for a Schengen visa, the immigrants are stranded and will most likely in time be sent back from whence they came. (Germany’s earlier relaxation of its national immigration rules was the source of Hungary’s confusion on Monday.)

The displaced crowd grows by the hour as waves of migrants continue arriving from the country’s southern border with Serbia after having first transited Macedonia at whose southern border the Greeks deliver busloads of successful migrants, an alarming number of whom have been plucked from the sea by European rescue ships before being deposited onto the Greek mainland.

But why tiny Macedonia, which is neither an EU or a NATO member? Why not equally accessible Albania or Bulgaria? What are EU instructions to its chattel state, Greece? Or, as Oriental Review contributor Andrew Korybko asks, “…why don’t the migrants just use mainland Greece as a stepping stone for a final boat ride to Italy?”

Germany lies directly north of Italy, and getting there from northern Italy would require transit only through a narrow slice of western Austria, thus avoiding the multi-national trek the current route requires.

Mr. Korybko alleges (as I do) that the smuggler networks are being “influenced by western intelligence” (in Korybko’s delicate phrasing) and are being led to believe that the longer route from northern Greece through the Balkans to Budapest is the one most certain of success. (It is also possible the refugees’ travel is being financed and directed by an oil-rich ISIS at the US’s behest.)

The truth is that the longer route leaves EU and NATO member Bulgaria and key US ally Albania relatively undisturbed while delivering a mighty blow to those nations (and, in the case of Macedonia and Serbia, largely Orthodox populations) which have either declined to participate in or have criticized sanctions (Catholic Hungary) against Russia, and all of which hope to participate in Russia’s Balkan Stream gas pipeline project.

Once the American misadventure in Ukraine turned sticky and was understood to have failed to bait Russia into invading, the US instigated ‘Plan C’ (Migrant Madness,) which followed the earlier failure of ‘Plan B,’ which was to instigate a color revolution in Macedonia.

Americans are generally unaware of those May events in Macedonia because the country successfully deflected the murderous assault of terrorist thugs for whom the ground was being prepared by Zoran Zaev, an agent of the US and George Soros via an outfit named Canvas, the commercial heir to the Optor project whose deceptive actions succeeded in destabilizing Serbia with a color revolution some fifteen years ago.

The set-up is truly diabolical. Macedonia, a nation of only slightly more than 2 million which enjoys a significant and largely peaceful Muslim minority population and which is bordered on the north by Albanian-controlled Kosovo, is at risk of partition by both Albania and Bulgaria, both of which would very much like to enlarge their own territories at the expense of Macedonia’s existence. If Macedonian Muslims can be made restive, partition is a possibility.

We now know, courtesy of former DIA Chief Michael Flynn, that the rise of ISIS was foretold in a widely circulated 2012 Memo the White House made “a willful decision” to ignore. The brutal ISIS is in fact a US-manufactured military asset meant to distract a gullible American population and whose inherent violence can be directed to realize US foreign policy goals of destabilization of the Middle East, North Africa, and now Southeastern Europe, as needed.

What both Macedonia and Serbia fear are ISIS terrorists intentionally being folded into the migrant horde destined for Albanian-dominated Kosovo, an ideal base for realizing their Balkan destabilization mandate. Bulgaria, an Orthodox country, has no interest in aiding an abetting ISIS terrorists and finds itself trapped by its NATO and EU membership.

Monday brought proof of Bulgaria’s and Macedonia’s shared dilemma when Bulgarian border guards seized a cell of five terrorists masquerading as refugees loaded with decapitation videos and ISIS propaganda. (In February, Turkish intelligence warned police in an internal memo that up to 3,000 trained jihadists were seeking to cross into Turkey from Syria and Iraq.)

Now, how does Catholic Hungary, an EU and a NATO member, fit into the picture? Very snugly, thank you. Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, threw down the gauntlet in a June interview with the daily Napi Gazdasag, saying, “Multiculturalism means the coexistence of Islam, Asian religions and Christianity. We will do everything to spare Hungary from that…We welcome non-Christian investors, artists, scientists, but we don’t want to mix on a mass scale.”

Rejecting the E.U. proposal for each member nation to accept a quota of refugees, Orban continued with building a 3.5 meter fence along Hungary’s border with Serbia, which brought him particularly strong statements of condemnation from both France and Germany. Today that criticism has ceased, and Bulgaria’s project of fencing its border with Turkey goes unremarked.

Europe will be happy to bottle up the refugees on the Balkan and Turkish sides of those fences no matter the damage Hungary and Bulgaria suffer from doing Europe’s dirty work. Once registered, the refugees can simply rot waiting for approval of their applications to enter Europe, which will never come since most will be declared to be economic and not political refugees (as will the refugees currently stranded in Hungary.)

All Europe has to do is to deliver appropriate funds to Greece, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia and Bulgaria for administrating the refugees’ applications and for the building and maintenance of tent cities to house them. Cheap. Problem in abeyance.

Not so fast, says Russian academician and historian Jelena Guskova. Guskova’s research has led her to the conclusion that what is being prepared for immediate effect is the establishment of a “Green Transversal,” a Muslim state in Christian Europe. She cites the growth of Islamic radicalism in the Balkans via Serbia’s “Wahhabi” and “Red Rose” cells, Macedonia’s “Tarikat,” and Al Qaeda cells in Kosovo and northern Albania, which in co-operation with Bosnia-Herzgovina will create the “Green Transversal.”

Guskova forsees the police in Serbia and Macedonia beginning operations against armed squads of terrorists, during which Albanian civilians will be killed in the ensuing clashes, and then the Islamists in Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzgovina will rise up to save their “endangered brothers,” thus providing an open doorway for NATO to enter in force.

The playing out of the above scenario (especially convenient during an ongoing market collapse) will allow the United States to finally gain full control of the fiercely independent Balkans, while providing a giant wound on the European continent into which the US can pour salt whenever necessary to curb any European initiative for independent action, and the establishment of a much-strengthened NATO. And, of course, the big prize: the continuation of sanctions against Russia and the elimination of the Balkan Stream pipeline. That this program will deprive the world of a vibrant and useful Europe while impeding a constructive Russia are consequences Washington regards as inconsequential when weighed against the US’s intention to grind its collective boot in humanity’s face forever.

That it is only the Balkan nations and Russia which are keenly aware of US plans is a tragedy an irresponsible and compromised Western media has advanced. To appreciate just how unprepared Europe is for the facts, a Russian Insider article from yesterday reporting on prominent German pundits’ call for more bombs and more intervention in the Middle East in order to “solve” the refugee crisis reveals the sad truth of Europe’s ongoing suicide at the behest of their American overlord.

Read it and weep.

Reprinted with permission from LewRockwell.com.