Eric Cantor’s Final Assault

by | Jul 14, 2014

Cantor Israel

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) may have lost his primary to a relatively unknown challenger, but that does not mean he is going quietly into that good night. His long track record of ramming through the House the most one-sided resolutions praising the actions of the Israeli government (as long as those actions involve attacks on Arabs and not attempts to make peace) continues apace even as his time in the House draws to a close.

As Israel’s American-made F-16s continue to deliver American-made bombs, paid for by the US taxpayer, on Gaza, where more than 150 Palestinians have been killed, Cantor takes time out to applaud the passage of yet another House Resolution praising Israel’s actions.

Never mind that the collective punishment tactics of the Israeli government have resulted in the deaths of mostly civilians (77 percent, according to the UN) and will only make the US and Israel more hated — and less secure. Cantor wants Americans to know how strongly he stands behind Israel.

Writes Cantor:

Israel is one of our nation’s strongest democratic allies and its security is directly tied to our own. Hamas’ outrageous and unprovoked war against Israel must end.

The firing of missiles from Hamas positions into Israeli territory — particularly where civilians may be injured — is certainly to be condemned in no uncertain terms. But thousands of Israeli missiles have killed 150 Palestinians and destroyed the infrastructure of Gaza. Hamas missiles have (thankfully) killed no one in this conflict. Talk about David and Goliath.

Cantor cannot let this crisis pass without mention of his favorite enemy, however: Iran.

Israeli attacks on Gaza are proof to Cantor that President Obama must end talks with Iran!

He writes:

We must also acknowledge Iran’s role in this conflict. Just as Iran has fueled sectarian violence and extremist terrorism in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, it has long provided Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad with lethal support to aid in their unrelenting war of terror against Israel. I call on the Obama Administration to dispense with the fantasy that Iranian President Rouhani is a reformer and acknowledge the Iranian regime for what it is: the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism and a driver of regional instability.

Because Israel is bombing civilians in Gaza, the US must move to war on Iran. That is Cantor’s logic. One can only suspect that were he in Sderot recently, he would have joined in the popcorn and celebration as missiles fell on Gaza…


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