Egypt May Cost Us Money, Sen. Graham Fears

by | Aug 15, 2013

Graham Solo

Senator Lindsey Graham, tweets: “A failed state in #Egypt will likely create ripple effects which impact American pocketbooks here at home.”

Graham is concerned about “American pocketbooks” now?

After all the financial damage that neocons’ aggressive foreign policy has wrought, how can anyone take this sudden concern seriously?

Just in Egypt alone over the past 30 years, some $60 billion American taxpayer dollars were sent over to former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Even today, while Egypt violently cracks down on peaceful protestors, $1.5 billion continues to flow each year. Even though much of this money flows back to the US as corporate welfare for the military industrial complex, it is still money taken from the productive sectors of the US economy.

If only Egypt were the worst of America’s financial waste.

Sadly, neocon foreign policy has produced much greater carnage over the last several decades. The disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost Americans over $800 billion and $600 billion respectively!

Lindsey Graham and his fellow neocons have flushed away so much American treasure that can never be recouped. It’s impossible to calculate how Americans would have increased their own standards of living had their government decided on a sane foreign policy that did not consist of foreign adventures and dreams of empire.

The Neocons blew it!

Any stated concern by Lindsey Graham over “American pocketbooks” only adds insult to American taxpayer injury.

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