Dear France: Necessary Step Towards Stopping This Insanity

by | Jul 15, 2016


Less than 24 hours before a man mowed down people with a truck in Nice, France, French President Hollande had confirmed that the state of emergency declared in the wake of the Nov. 2015 Paris attacks was going to expire on July 26, without renewal. During his traditional Bastille Day television interview, Hollande said, “We had to prolong the state of emergency until we could be sure that the law gives us the means to counter the terrorist threat effectively.”

Last May, France passed a comprehensive law that Hollande said “will give us the tools which, while not comparable with the state of emergency, give us the means to keep tabs on certain individuals administratively.” He added: “We can’t prolong the state of emergency forever. That would make no sense, it would mean that we were no longer a republic with laws which can apply in all circumstances.”

The state of emergency will now remain in effect.

French authorities claim the driver was not on a “radicalized” watch list. They claim he probably was inspired by online messaging from the Islamic State, and even more draconian crackdowns on the internet are coming as a result.

Regardless of the nature of how this event went down, be it organic terrorism or not, the French people would be wise to wake-up and question what their government is doing on the international stage. A form of French imperialism exists today, and France is being attacked because it has directly participated in the Western coalition that has destroyed Libya and blasted Syria, killing over 250,000 people – all justified by a mountain of lies and propaganda, including bogus claims about Syrian President Assad using chemical weapons, and bogus obfuscation about the FACT that the West created the conditions for the rise of ISIS, and then helped to build, train and support radical terrorist factions (including ISIS) in the Syrian War Theater once they emerged from the petri dish of a destroyed Libya and Iraq.

If the French people want to stop terrorism on their soil, they will have to force their government to end its imperialism on the international stage so as to de-radicalize the social milieu within the country that creates the background conditions from which all forms of terrorism can arise – “organic,” as well as periodic state facilitated and/or sponsored and/or bungled informant/infiltration operations that are intended to track terrorist groups, but ultimately enable terrorist operations.

Reprinted with permission from the News Doctors.