Conservatives, China, and the USA

by | Feb 22, 2019


A usually good conservative magazine has an article titled: “China’s New Aggression on the World Stage.” The text under the title reads: “China has long used Western capital to challenge the might of the West. Now it is moving forcefully, making demands of companies and countries, expanding its influence.” Yes, China is an authoritative state. But it is hard to take articles like this seriously. The United States has hundreds of bases and hundreds of thousands of troops scattered around the world. It makes demands of companies and countries all the time and seeks to expand its influence. It moves forcefully. It is an aggressor. Yes, China is bad, evil, etc. I agree with most of what the article says about China and its communist government. But what country is actually a threat to the peace of the world? Certainly not China. The United States and its military are a global force for evil. And just read at random any ten articles by John Whitehead and you will see what an authoritarian state America has become.

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