Citizens Forced to Breathe Deadly Climate Change Gas

by | Jul 13, 2020


You may recall that back in 2009 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) went on record as designating carbon dioxide (CO2) as a pollutant that was contributing to manmade climate change. A February 23rd, 2009 Wall Street Journal Article said in part:

…President Barack Obama’s climate czar said the Environmental Protection Agency will soon determine that carbon-dioxide emissions represent a danger to the public…

Of course humans exhale CO2 as a natural part of the respiratory process. People need a constant flow of fresh air for proper brain function and for our immune system to operate optimally. 

But now we’re seeing a massive push to mandate mask wearing allegedly due to Covid-19. Way back in March of this year the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) were on record saying masks should only be worn by people who were around sick people. Healthy people didn’t need to wear masks.

But all that has changed.

Dr. Mark Sircus, in an article published on Lew Rockwell, July 10, 2020 titled: Wearing Masks-A Sledgehammer to Health reveals a startling statistic. He notes that typical CO2 in the air is about 400 ppm, a little higher than that around the nose or mouth as we breathe. But a typical mask can drive the level up to a dangerous 5,000 ppm!

According to Dr. Sircus the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has determined that the minimum oxygen concentration in the air we breathe should be no less than 19.5 percent. Most of what we breathe in the atmosphere at sea level is nitrogen gas, approximately 78 percent. 

But wearing a face mask has been shown to reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood stream to 17.5 percent which over time can lead to hypoxia or lack of adequate oxygen to function normally. Headaches, foggy thinking and lethargy are common byproducts. Mask wearing while engaging in heightened physical activity can make matters even worse. 

Then there are the obvious inconsistencies with mask wearing. You have to wear one to enter a restaurant but once seated you can take it off? How does that work? Is there any “science” that says seated people in a restaurant aren’t susceptible to the virus but if you start walking around you’re toast?

None of this Covid garbage makes any sense to anyone willing to engage in critical thinking!

Niccolo Machiavelli would be proud! Maybe you’ve heard of him? He was an Italian who authored “The Prince” in 1513 which was essentially a guide for aspiring politicians detailing how they could use crime, deceit and unscrupulous ploys to gain and retain power. For Machiavelli the ends justified the means and his guidance has been embraced whole heartedly by today’s political class. 

 Wear a mask and demonstrate your allegiance to the totalitarian monsters who claim they only want to keep us safe. Stand up for freedom and liberty by choosing to remain maskless; I will not comply!