CATO Hires a Neocon Bigot

by | Jan 14, 2022

Neocon stench is not confined to the sweaty flatulence of Bill Kristol’s writing chambers. Yes it’s true that neocons at AEI and Brookings and Heritage and The Free Bacon, etc are all to be expected. It’s like going to the zoo and looking into the chimp enclosure: you expect to see chimps and so you see chimps. But imagine going to the marmoset enclosure and also seeing chimps. Hmmm…what’s going on here? We didn’t expect to see chimps here.

We’ve never had high hopes for the Beltway “libertarian” dogs who dutifully abide the intellectual leashes of their (pay)masters. There are some good pups out there and I’m the last guy to kick someone for trying to earn a buck while retaining as much integrity as possible given the rotten situation.

But come on, man! CATO Institute has hired that wretched neocon freak Cathy Young as a senior fellow?

Cathy Young that “Russiagate” dead-ender (holding on to the lie longer than anyone on earth except for Adam Schiff). Yes, she has a few quibbles with those low-born blue unwashed who viewed the Steele Dossier as a kind of Dead Sea Scroll detailing Trump’s potty-philia, but…but… but…wait! – as she writes herself: don’t get bogged down in the salacious, man, there’s plenty of good evidence that all of it’s true! There’s plenty of evidence that, as disgraced CIA thug Mike Morrell famously lied, Trump is an “agent of the Russian Federation.”

Forget the Steele Dossier, Young wrote, there are…

…plenty of reasons to investigate, from Trump’s just-kidding-or-maybe-not public invitation to Russia to hack into his rival Hillary Clinton’s emails to the fact that his campaign was swarming with people who had ties to Russia or to pro-Russia forces in Ukraine. And let’s not forget that later on, Trump acted in ways that stoked suspicion — such as firing FBI director James Comey, openly admitting that he did it to stop the Russia investigation, and bragging about it in a private meeting with top-level Russians.

Come on, people! Get with the pogrom!

“Libertarian” Cathy Young is no doubt pleased as punch that journalist Julian Assange is rotting away in a British prison for the “crime” of reporting the truth. After all, she still professes the laughable lie that the Russians hacked Hillary Clinton’s computer and publicized her private information via Wikileaks!

She wrote:

…there is little question that the Kremlin meddled in the election with the goal of hurting Hillary Clinton’s chances. Mainly, this was accomplished by stealing Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign emails and releasing them via Wikileaks.

Little question? There is NO EVIDENCE! For normal people that means BIG QUESTION.

But that doesn’t work for Cathy Young. She has an agenda and she’s just sure that Putin is infecting our precious bodily fluids.

Why is the CATO Institute hiring “experts” who espouse the most outlandish conspiracy theories?

Before his untimely death just over two years ago, founder Justin Raimondo nailed the anti-libertarian, interventionist duplicity of the rotten Cathy Young:

While distancing herself from the ‘more extreme‘ anti-Russian narratives, which she admits are conspiracy theories with little evidence to support them, Young weaves a ‘moderate’ conspiracy theory of her own – with just as little evidence to support it. She claims that the Russians are supporting the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party of Greece, and Hungary’s ‘quasi-fascist’ Jobbik movement, although no evidence of this is presented. She says in several instances that the National Front party of France’s Marine Le Pen is a Russian front: her ‘evidence’ is that a Russian bank with ‘links to the Kremlin’ provided the party with a loan. One wonders if, say, a British bank (with undefined ‘links’ to Westminster) loaned money to an America political party, would that make them a tool of Perfidious Albion

Who needs actual evidence, anyway, when writing about Russia? After all, as computer security expert Jeffrey Carr points out, there is exactly zero public proof that the Russians ‘hacked’ the 2016 elections – and yet the media ‘reports’ this as undisputed fact.

So what really motivates Cathy Young to hate Russia – the land of her birth – so much? It is her own anti-Christian bigotry (hardly a live-and-let-live libertarian attitude). As the cover art for her cover story about Russia betrays, Young and Reason are the antithesis of libertarians in that they despise anyone with values different than their own.

In fact they represent an even more Stalinist intolerance than their caricature of Putin!

They are the Soviets they pretend to despise. 

If Russians who have re-established their freedom of choice (a libertarian concept) after 70 years of communist government-forced atheism decide of their own free will to return to the Christianity established in Kievan Rus by the Apostle Andrew, they must be punished for their choice.

That is the essence of Cathy Young and Reason…and now CATO.

For Cathy Young and the Reason/CATO crowd, libertarianism and liberalism shares a lot in common with Soviet communism: you are free to choose as long as you choose the ideological vanguard which will ultimately rule history for all time.

Cathy Young is a rigid communist and everything she writes should be laughed at. CATO should be forced to eat its own barf.

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