Bruce Ohr, Liar or Moron?

by | Mar 12, 2019


Last week’s release by Congressman Collins of the interview transcript of Bruce Ohr, who appeared before the House Judiciary Committee last year, is quite damning of the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ). If our system of justice is truly blind and committed to fairness, there is little doubt that former FBI and DOJ officials – Comey, McCabe, Yates and Rosenstein – will be facing serious legal jeopardy. They have lied.

The biggest “revelations” from Ohr are as follows:

1) Christopher Steele, a “former” MI-6 officer, had been a paid FBI informant for several years.
2) Bruce Ohr met with Glenn Simpson in August 2016, which totally contradicts Simpson’s previous sworn testimony that he did not meet with Ohr until after the 2016 election.
3) Ohr informed FBI and senior DOJ officials, who signed off on the FISA application in October 2016 to spy on Carter Page, that the “dossier” had a tainted political history.

I put “revelations” in quotations because we already knew most of this – specifically Steele’s status as a paid informant and the failure of the FBI and DOJ to verify the accuracy of the so-called dossier. The new meat on the bone is Ohr’s claim that he met with Simpson in August 2016. Simpson swore under oath that no such meeting took place. That’s a substantive lie and, if the Flynn case is a guide, Mr. Simpson will be looking at prison.

What is truly remarkable about Ohr’s testimony is that his explanation for repeated meetings and contacts with Christopher Steele do not make sense. I am referring specifically to Ohr’s claim that Steele wanted him, Ohr, to pass info to the FBI. Think about this for a moment–Ohr knows that Steele is a paid FBI informant. That means Steele has an FBI agent who is his conduit into the FBI. That Agent handles interviews and writes up reports. Why in the hell would Steele approach Ohr and not his FBI handler? Because Steele did not want to create a record, i.e., a 302, that would have been generated if he had followed protocol and gone thru normal channels.

And Ohr? This guy is a senior DOJ official. He is a former prosecutor. He knows that the minute he accepts anything from Steele and then passes it on to the FBI that he, Ohr, became a fact witness. He is part of the chain of custody. More importantly, Ohr, knowing that Steele is on the FBI payroll, should have refused to accept any information and direct Steele to talk to his Agent/handler. Period.

One other important sidetone – there has been a longstanding agreement among the 5 Eyes (i.e., US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) to NOT recruit as assets each other’s spies. Christopher Steele’s employ with the FBI violates this policy.

In light of all of this one can only conclude that Bruce Ohr is lying about the real reason for meeting with Steele or that he is a complete moron. There is no other possible explanation or excuse. I do not think that Ohr is a moron. He does not strike me as a man of limited intelligence. I think he is lying. I believe that the reason Steele approached Ohr was to provide some insulation to the FBI, which was engaged in an act of sedition. The FBI was interfering in the 2016 election and working to destroy Donald Trump.

As more transcripts and documents come into the sunlight, we will get a clearer picture of the corruption at both the FBI and the DOJ. The FISA applications to spy on a US citizen, Carter Page, are without foundation. I am sure that William Barr appreciates this point and will press for action against those who willingly engaged in such despicable actions.

Reprinted with permission from Sic Semper Tyrannis.


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