Bolton: I’ll Send Maduro to Gitmo

by | Feb 2, 2019


On Friday, the neocon running Trump’s foreign policy, John Bolton, threatened to send the elected president of Venezuela to the indefinite torture camp at Guantanamo.

Maduro should be relieved. The previous neoliberal regime in DC had the disfavored leader of Libya assassinated, but not before NATO-backed Islamists sadistically raped him with a bayonet. The longer Maduro resists, the more likely a variation of the above scenario will play out in Venezuela. Indefinite detention without charge is no doubt the preferable option.

Bolton is a well-seasoned neocon. He knows instinctively how to play the game. It was of course not a mistake his notepad said troops may be sent to neighboring Columbia.

His hint about sending the president of Venezuela to Camp Gitmo is also not a mistake. These are the guys who set-up Saddam Hussein and arranged to have him sent to the gallows.

In all cases—with the exception of Afghanistan—the primary objective is to control the vast oil reserves in Iraq, Iran, Libya, and now Venezuela, the country with the largest known oil reserve in the world.

It is well-known that a Unocal pipeline and its rejection by the Taliban served as the pretext for an invasion of Afghanistan—and before the events of 9/11.

In the former, the objective is to make Israel the undisputed hegemon of the Middle East and a forward base in the effort to contain the vassals, as former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski called the victims of neocolonialism.

Considering Israel’s long-standing barbaric treatment of the Palestinians—and the establishment of an apartheid state—its multiple invasions and occupations of Lebanon, and its history of border provocations and false flag schemes (the Lavon Affair most prominent), it’s quite natural Israel’s Arab and Muslim neighbors are skeptical peace will ever be realized. This is exacerbated by the fact the peacemaker—the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner—is a confirmed Zionist and Likudnik.

The neocon plan was designed for creative destruction in the name of neoliberal-corporate domination and secondarily in service of the geopolitical goals of the Zionist state.<

Creative destruction, as the neocon way of doing business is known, was carried out in Iraq and Libya, reducing both from the status of relatively modern nations to failed states. Iran is the remaining target, which Trump will turn his attention to after he deals with Venezuela.

Controlling the vast majority of the world’s oil—in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, the emirates, and Iran—will however not save the petrodollar system or the dollar’s eroding status as the world’s reserve fiat currency.

Russia, China, Venezuela—all are in the process of moving away from the dollar and neoliberal institutions. Before he was murdered, Gaddafi planned to implement a state currency for the trade of oil. Now the country lays in ruin as competing factions fight it out in the streets.

It’s not likely Maduro will end up in Gitmo, although he may find a home in Cuba if the Bolton-Pompeo plan for Venezuela is finally realized. It certainly won’t come as a surprise if he is executed by his own military. This indeed may be Maduro’s fate now that generals are defecting from his administration.

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