Blame Game Over the Bombing of the Nova Kakhovka Dam

by | Jun 8, 2023


In post after post yesterday morning, the corporate war propaganda media is attempting to blame Russia for the terrorist bombing of the Nova Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper River. It is doing this by underscoring an accusation made by a documented serial liar, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his coterie of Nazi-worshipping thugs, that Russia punched holes in the dam in order to flood the battlefield.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres shifted the blame on Russia following the terrorist attack. Guterres said the incident at the Kakhovka dam is “another devastating consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Mr. Guterres is either clueless or unable to process information contrary to the cynical and easily debunked lies and dissimulation of the USG and its corporate war propaganda media (long ago infiltrated by the CIA and converted into a “Mighty Wurlitzer” of disinformation, now ubiquitous).

Guterres is a well-trained circus animal that jumps through flaming hoops on command. He ignores that fact Russia’s SMO was launched not only to prevent NATO from pushing its war machines and troops up against the Russian border, but also to put an end to eight years of terror bombing of ethnic Russians in the Donbas by the indisputably neo-nazi military of a post-coup regime installed by the USG State Department in Kyiv.

Is it possible Guterres suffers from the onset of dementia? In 2005 the United Nations adopted R2P, the Responsibility to Protect, a document addressing genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity. Russia is following the R2P as it prevents genocide in the Donbas and other ethnic Russian areas of Ukraine.

Guterres, the USG, and its European satraps in Brussels, Berlin, and other European capitals, are pushing the narrative that Russia is an updated version of the Huns, raping and pillaging Ukraine with an evil eye on the rest of Europe. The terror attacks by avowed “nationalists” (wearing Nazi symbols and regalia) on women and children in the Donbas are ignored. The ethnic cleansing of Russians is not an issue for the USG-dominated United Nations.

The corporate war propaganda media is pairing genocide and the Geneva Conventions (that do not apply to the Zelenskyy regime) with a roundabout insinuation that Russia blew up the Kakhovka dam.

This is, on its face, absurd. What strategic value is there in flooding your own troop positions and terrorizing ethnic Russian and Ukrainian civilians downstream in Kherson and other communities on the Dnipro River?

Michael Tracey tweeted a Washington Post article from 2022 earlier today. “Washington Post article from December 2022 said Ukraine ‘conducted a test strike’ on the Nova Kakhovka dam in preparation for its offensive in Kherson.” The “test strike” focused on flooding Russian supply lines and preventing the replenishment of ammunition, according to the article.

In addition, The New York Times, also in 2022, reported “Ukraine intentionally flooded one of its villages when troops opened a nearby dam. This was ‘not an outlier,’ the article adds: ‘Ukraine has been swift and effective in wreaking havoc on its own territory, often by destroying infrastructure,’”  Tracey writes

In more sane times, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, would be called out as a liar and warmonger for casting blame on Russia for the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam, minus any evidence. “Shocked by the unprecedented attack of the Nova Kakhovka dam,” he tweets. “The destruction of civilian infrastructure clearly qualifies as a war crime—and we will hold Russia and its proxies accountable.”

One would think, as a globalist “leader,” Michel knows all the facts, including plans by the ultra-nationalist Zelenskyy regime to target the Nova Kakhovka dam in order to slow down the advance of the Russian army, a plan spread far and wide by The Washington Post and The New York Times. Short of this, we can dismiss Michel as a useful idiot and apologist for war crimes. In a more perfect world, he would be warming a seat at The Hague.

The breach at the dam will lower water levels and threaten the cooling systems of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest such facility in Europe. If the plant melts down or does a Chernobyl, the corrupt political classes in the USG and Europe, along with the corporate war propaganda media, will demand NATO attack Russia in defense of Europe in response to nuclear terrorism. An out-of-control nuclear crisis will add plenty of drama to the narrative Russia is a ruthless aggressor that must be confronted and defeated.

The Zelenskyy regime and its neo-nazi vanguard are war criminals. However, as we now live in an increasingly hermetically sealed world where truth is equated with “white supremacy” and prosecuted as terrorism, a contrived neoconized fantasy reality will likely prevail for the indeterminate future, at least until Ukraine and the USG confront defeat.

In the meantime, we should pay attention to the prospect of a direct conflict between the USG, NATO, and Russia—a conflict that will quickly go nuclear, and thus put an end to psychopathic neocons in addition to the rest of humanity.

Reprinted with permission from Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics.