‘Bay of Pigs 2.0’ US Invasion Plan for Venezuela Thwarted – Daniel McAdams

by | Mar 8, 2019

A remarkable recent article in Bloomberg reports on the real plan for last month’s showdown over US “aid” for Venezuela blocked at the Colombian border. According to the report, the US plan was for some 200 heavily armed exiled Venezuelan military officers from the Colombian side of the border were to over-run the Venezuelan militia guarding their side of the border. Shockingly, the US government neglected to notify its ally Colombia of what would certainly result in a massive escalation of existing tensions between the two countries and it wasn’t until the last minute when the Colombian government got wind of the plan and put the kibbosh on it.

RPI Director Daniel McAdams joins RT America’s Rick Sanchez to discuss this US attempt to foment a Colombia/Venezuela war and what it says about the US regime change plan for Venezuela: