As Patrick Henry Would Say: 'I Smell A Rat': The Recent Midterm Elections

by | Nov 19, 2022


On the heels of what happened with the Biden presidential election where we are supposed to believe that a candidate who had absolutely no enthusiastic Democrat voter base whatsoever during the primaries was the most popular president elect EVER and became the president with the most votes in ALL of US history, you’ll pardon me that I’m highly suspicious of the outcome of these latest midterm state elections from last week, especially with this new thing–those many mail-in ballots–and so much vote-counting happening beyond the deadline. Very weird and suspect. 

I’m thinking of candidates like Blake Masters and, in particular, his race in Arizona where the last votes to be counted were in strong districts for Masters but the mail-in ballots from there were predominantly in his opponent’s favor. And all kinds of strange, underhanded shananigans are reported or purported to have occurred in many of the other races, too, involving votes lost, not counted, or not countable. This has not been to the benefit of Republican candidates who were in a tight race or leading. And of course, then there’s those notorious mail-in ballots which were brought in with covid as the excuse and which continued to come in and be counted in some races a week after the election day. Very, VERY fishy. 

I accept whoever wins, Republican or Democrat, but it has to be a free and FAIR election. Otherwise, an election process of the people is meaningless and non-existent, and the US has become what I would coin “a first-world banana republic”, in effect. If this is indeed the case, then it should make people very angry and upset. 

No wonder “the establishment” and their puppet-masters “the deep state” don’t want to let someone like Blake Masters into the game. They know most of what the government does is a scam on the people and they don’t want him to win. They don’t want him to call them out on it and try to end the spending spree boondgoggle that enriches them. 

As Blake made clear in a recent interview on the Ron Paul Liberty Report, he understands that what the Treasury collects in tax revenue is never nearly enough for the insatiable appetites of the special interests, so then there’s also the Federal Reserve to add insult to injury and facilitate the majority of the pork barrel spending by just making up the difference that they want by printing up money out of thin air which dilutes real wealth and makes the bottom 99 percent of people less well off through inflation. 

The game is rigged, the special interests with cozy access have all the power and benefit. This is nothing new, this has all been going on for over a hundred years now, but the difference now is that the powers-that-be are taking much more money and power than ever before and are more evil and indifferent, even contemptuous, towards the rest of us than they were in the past. 

And now as the people begin to wake up to this and will vote accordingly, this can only make a difference if the voting process is honest and transparent. However, if our votes no longer count and elections are stolen, then what is left to us as an instrument of change but peaceful or violent revolution?