A ‘Salafi Shindig’: Obama’s Middle East Disaster

by | Jul 12, 2013

The jihadis in Syria have now declared that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are as much the enemy as the Syrian government. They have backed that up by killing one of the senior leaders of the FSA and declaring in telephone calls that they intend to kill all the leaders of the FSA in order to insure the creation of an Islamic emirate in Syria. The Afghan Taliban have set up a base in Syria. Jihadis are pouring into the country.

At the same time Russia has now formally accused the US, Britain, and France of obstructing the work of a UN mission sent to Syria to discover the truth about the use of Sarin gas. Syria has invited the UN in and the UN has accepted the offer.

Rather than relying on Information Operation lies, Russia actually collected samples on the ground and decided that the rebels had used Sarin in the war. Why did the rebels do that? They probably wanted to try to “pin the tail” on the Syrian government and the US government helped them by lying and exagerating rebel propaganda.

Does Obama really want to go down the road of arming our jihadi enemies? Does Congress wish to allow him to do so? Who will pay for these crimes?

Reprinted with permission from Sic Semper Tyrannis blog.


  • Col. W. Patrick Lang

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