A Deal with the Devil

by | Sep 11, 2020


How would you feel if the next brand new car you bought came with the following disclaimer:

This car is sold “as is”. The buyer assumes all responsibility for this vehicle. There is no warranty expressed or implied. There is no guarantee that the following will not occur unexpectedly:

– Brake failure
– Loss of steering
– Uncommanded acceleration, braking or lane changes
– Wheel falls off while driving
– Catastrophic engine failure
– Doors fall off
– Windshield implodes

The buyer understands and agrees to the fact that he/she/it has no recourse whatsoever if the vehicle fails to perform as advertised or if any serious or deadly bodily harm results from driving said car.

So again I’ll ask, how would you feel about buying this car and placing your life in the hands of the manufacturer?

But wait a minute before you answer because there’s more to consider.

Ask yourself this question as well. In the above scenario how much time, effort, money and diligence would the manufacturer invest to ensure the car performed safely and efficiently? Well since they have absolutely no liability they would most likely spend virtually nothing on safety and efficiency because the buyer has no recourse; it’s just human nature.

Oh sure, they would have to pretend to be diligently beavering away to make the car safe and efficient but with no legal recourse regardless of what they sell there would be no incentive to actually deliver on those promises. It’s all about the optics.

So where am I going with this crazy scenario?

Back in 1986 Congress and the pharmaceutical companies passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which exempted the drug companies from any liability whatsoever for the vaccines they manufacturer. It’s really no different from giving car manufacturers blanket liability protection for the vehicles they build and sell to the public.

Right now the Covid vaccine is being “WARP SPEEDED” through trials taking safety testing shortcuts so we can all be safe from Covid-19. But instead of a car they want to inject this unproven, possibly DNA altering vaccine directly into your body.

The government claims that in order to get the pharmaceutical companies to manufacture vaccines they must be given carte blanche immunity from any type of legal recourse. No matter the trauma, pain, retardation or even death that may be caused by said vaccine the victim, er patient, has absolutely no legal recourse.

So if there are no consequences for the manufacturer if they happen to make a mistake and wind up poisoning huge numbers of people (as has happened in the not so distant past) they’re home free! And since the political pressure to come up with something, regardless of the safety or efficacy, is massive you can be sure that indeed a miracle vaccine will appear in the not too distant future.

If you wouldn’t buy a car with these restrictions why would you ever let them inject you with an unproven vaccine that could cause much greater human suffering than the illness it was supposed to protect you from?

Get ready, because mandatory vaccines are coming. I will not comply!