28pages.org Founder Brian McGlinchey to Speak at RPI Conference!

by | Jul 21, 2016


We can make a difference! That is a main theme we are keeping in mind as we put together our “Peace and Prosperity 2016” conference in Washington, D.C. this September 10th. The pursuit of a peaceful foreign policy is a task we can all take up. Demanding transparency from the US government can produce results. And we can win!

This week the spotlight turned to one person who has helped prove this right: founder of 28pages.org, Brian McGlinchey.

As Brian explains in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report, he was inspired to work for peace and liberty but didn’t quite know what he could do. Then, seeing Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) describe his reaction to reading the long-classified 28 pages of the Senate’s 9/11 report, he knew just what that “thing” was he needed to be doing: pressing for the release of those pages! So he started a webpage and he started a movement and eventually public pressure became so great that the government, late on Friday, July 15th, released those pages.

We were fascinated by Brian’s success story and we asked him to share it with all of our friends who will be joining us in September and we are so delighted that he agreed.

“28 Pages” declassification activist Brian McGlinchey will be joining Dr. Ron Paul, libertarian legends Lew Rockwell and Jacob Hornberger, and several more very special guests soon to be announced at our “Peace and Prosperity 2016” conference. Tickets are available for just $65 including lunch but they are going fast. Act now before we are completely sold out!


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