Ron Paul: What’s So Bad About a Split-Up Ukraine?

by | Jul 24, 2014

In an in-depth commentary about the recent Malaysian Airlines crash, Dr. Paul makes the point that no one in western media or government wants us to ponder: if eastern Ukraine wants to be closer to Russia and western Ukraine wants to be aligned with the EU, why can’t they just go their separate ways without outsider meddling?

Said Dr. Paul:

The only thing we can hope for as American citizens is just hope our government would slow up. Just slow up the neoconservatives who are immediately all over the news saying ‘there’s hell to be paid’ and ‘let’s go get ’em’ and ‘let’s bomb Moscow.’ That is so dangerous!

And if it’s true — as I believe — that this thing started a year ago when we participated in overthrowing an elected government then this is the strongest argument for us to just stay out of these areas. Let the Ukrainians solve their problems.

Watch the video here, from Ron Paul’s new Voices of Liberty: