Peace and Prosperity Ron Paul Institute's flagship blog Copyright Ron Paul Institute Wed, 08 Jul 2020 17:48:14 GMT Wed, 08 Jul 2020 17:48:14 GMT The ‘Diverse’ Signers of the Harper’s Letter Supposedly Championing Tolerance and Open Debate Adam Dick

People are commenting regarding the “diverse” signers of a Tuesday open letter at Harper’s Magazine supposedly championing tolerance and open debate. Don’t believe the hype. How diverse are the views of these signers? The letter they signed singles out one person in the world — United States President Donald Trump — for harsh criticism and twice condemns iterations of “right wing” people.

“The forces of illiberalism are gaining strength throughout the world and have a powerful ally in Donald Trump, who represents a real threat to democracy.” That is a sentence in the first paragraph of the three-paragraph letter. It seems like a litmus test for being among the “diverse” group of signers is to agree with this broad condemnation of Trump. Not only that, a signer must also accept that Trump alone is singled out for any criticism. No other person is mentioned in the letter.

Signers of the letter also identify people in the “right wing” as the opposition. Note this sentence, also from the first paragraph of the letter: “But resistance must not be allowed to harden into its own brand of dogma or coercion — which right-wing demagogues are already exploiting.” Then, in the second paragraph, the letter declares:
The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted. While we have come to expect this on the radical right, censoriousness is also spreading more widely in our culture: an intolerance of opposing views, a vogue for public shaming and ostracism, and the tendency to dissolve complex policy issues in a blinding moral certainty.
Now get a load of what these signers who go out of there way to condemn Trump and people associated with the “right wing” say they are seeking in their letter. We “raise our voices against,” the letter signers declare, “a new set of moral attitudes and political commitments that tend to weaken our norms of open debate and toleration of differences in favor of ideological conformity.”

Um, OK. Here is a question for the letter signers: Are you ready to tolerate and welcome to the open debate people you consider Trump supporters, “right-wing demagogues,” or “radical right” individuals?

Read the letter here.]]> Wed, 08 Jul 2020 17:48:14 GMT
A Great, Short Audio-Visual Introduction to Coronavirus and Actions Taken in the Name of Countering Coronavirus Adam Dick

On Sunday, Lew Rockwell shared at his website a six-minute video that gives a great introduction to coronavirus and some of the anti-liberty actions governments have taken in the name of countering coronavirus. Watch the video here, and consider sharing it with people to help them start questioning the coronavirus propaganda being delivered by many people in media and government.

Lew Rockwell is a member of the Advisory Board for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.]]> Mon, 06 Jul 2020 16:57:54 GMT
Should Professional Athletes be More Worried about Coronavirus or Lightning? Adam Dick

Znamya Truda, a Russian professional soccer team, has announced that Ivan Zaborovsky, a goalkeeper for the team, went to intensive care after being struck by lightning during training.

People being seriously harmed or killed by lightning strikes is rare. In America, the United States government’s National Weather Service relays that, in the ten years of 2009 through 2018, there were an average of 27 deaths and 243 estimated injuries each year from lightning countrywide. While the risk of an individual being struck by lightning is real, it is also quite small. The National Weather Service lays out the likelihood as follows: a one in 1,222,000 chance of being struck by lightning in a given year and a one in 15,300 chance of being struck in one’s lifetime.

A professional athlete like Zaborovsky being injured by lightning is a very unusual occurrence. In contrast, we hear regularly of professional athletes from just about every sport testing positive for coronavirus. In the National Basketball Association (NBA), for example, 25 players, about seven percent of NBA players, have tested positive for coronavirus in testing of players in the last couple weeks. Plenty of athletes in other professional sports leagues have also tested positive. Other professional sports players surely have had coronavirus but were never tested because they had no to minor health issues at the time.

Where are the many intensive care hospitalizations and deaths among these athletes who have had coronavirus? We are not hearing about that. This makes sense given that coronavirus tends not to be a major threat to people the more healthy and young they are. For many top athletes in their 20s and 30s it may make more sense to be worried about being struck by lightning than about having coronavirus. And, for competitors in outdoor sports, the threat from lightning can be well above that experienced by the average person. Many professional athletes, weighing the risks, may find it is a better decision to stay inside on occasion because of a thunderstorm than to avoid practicing and competing in their sports for an extended period because of worry about coronavirus.

It could be a drag for professional sports players to stay indoors now and then for a few minutes to a few hours to ensure they are not struck by lightning. Many of them may find doing so to be excessively cautious, especially if it prevents them from doing something they see as particularly important or desirable. In comparison, players may see eliminating their ability to compete for a significant chunk of their prime athletic years — to refrain from using and developing the skills they have dedicated their lives to mastering — as a tragedy, especially when that restriction is imposed due to a disease that is nearly certain not to threaten them with major negative health consequences.
]]> Sun, 05 Jul 2020 23:07:25 GMT
Independence Day Under Dictatorship Daniel McAdams
]]> Fri, 03 Jul 2020 16:03:14 GMT
Why Texas Governor Abbott's 'Face Mask' Order is NOT What it Seems Daniel McAdams

Today Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) issued yet another executive order on the coronavirus outbreak - while the Texas state legislature continues slumbering while collecting paychecks for no work. 

The mainstream media, predictably, is mis-reporting the executive order as a "statewide face covering requirement for Texans."

It is no such thing. However, it is worded in such an obtuse manner that this misinterpretation of the executive order will likely be universal in Texas. 

Here is the important part of the order:
Every person in Texas shall wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when inside a commercial entity or other building or space open to the public, or when in an outdoor public space, wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household; provided, however, that this face-covering requirement does not apply to the following...
That comma after the word "space" is essential. It establishes "outdoor public space" as a clause within the sentence, meaning both indoor AND outdoor are covered by the exception "wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing." This is critically important, as it means even in stores or other indoor spaces masks are not required as long as it is possible to "social distance." That would include every grocery store and reasonably-sized commercial establishment.

In other words, this order was purposely written to be misinterpreted! Perception is 99 percent of reality, particularly among county and local officials who will mis-read this (probably intentionally) as a green light to crack down hard. Abbott is not mandating face masks outdoors or even indoors or even in commercial entities. But his order is worded in such a purposely weasel-like manner that it will be universally accepted and reported as such. It is already being so reported.

Section Sec. 418.014.C of the Texas legal code states that a governor-declared state of emergency can only last for 30 days. The governor has the authority to extend that state of emergency, but he is subject to the actions of the legislature. As the code states. "The legislature by law may terminate a state of disaster at any time. On termination by the legislature, the governor shall issue an executive order ending the state of disaster."

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick loves to bluster about being a champion of civil liberties, recently blasting the hapless Dr. Fauci to earn red meat political points. But unfortunately then it comes to actually standing up for Texans who are seeing their livelihoods destroyed, who are seeing their civil liberties trampled, who are seeing an out-of-control governor ruling by decree in a manner that would have made King George blush, he's "all hat, no cattle" as we say here in Texas.

In Texas the Lt. Governor wields extraordinary power over the state's legislative body and could call the Texas Senate back into session to begin the process of ending Governor Abbott's insane power grab.

But thus far that former radio personality has done little more than preen in front of the microphone.

As we very clearly explain in today's Ron Paul Liberty Report, the reason for the "spike" in Texas covid cases is a massive ramping up in testing ("Come one come all, it's free!!!!!") and an extraordinary re-definition of what it means to be "covid positive" that was implemented by Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) in mid-May. Texas county and local officials expressed concern that ramping up testing and lowering the threshold to declaring "probable" covid cases (with no testing) as actual "covid cases" would lead to a mass spike in Texas. Turns out they were right.

Classifying all those seeking delayed surgeries and other medical procedures as "covid cases" even if not sick only makes the situation in Texas seem worse. 

Many honest Texas officials saw the "second wave" spike coming because they saw how the game was being rigged. But Abbott fell for it and he has declared war on Texans and on liberty.

This is not rocket science. Politics is at play in the "second wave" coronavirus in Texas and elected officials are either too dense or too corrupt to take a stand for truth.]]> Fri, 03 Jul 2020 00:10:44 GMT
How About ‘All Lives Matter’ or ‘White Lives Matter’ on an NBA Jersey? Adam Dick

The Golden State Warriors basketball team name is not being changed to the Golden State Social Justice Warriors, at least not yet. But, it does look like National Basketball Association (NBA) players may soon have the option, as related in a Sunday article, to put “social justice messages” on their jerseys.

“The NBA is collaborating with the National Basketball Players Association to allow players to wear jerseys with personalized social justice messages on the backs instead of their last names during the season comeback in Orlando, according to Oklahoma City Thunder guard and union president Chris Paul,” begins the article.

Hmm, what qualifies as a social justice message? From the article:
While players will not be forced to wear a message, Paul says they will provide a list of suggestions for players looking for a cause to support. According to ESPN, these messages could include phrases (like "Black Lives Matter" or "I Can't Breathe"), names of social justice organizations, or the names of individuals who were killed by the police.
“Black Lives Matter” made the list. So it would seem “All Lives Matter” or “White Lives Matter” should also be fine on NBA players’ jerseys, right?

The answer would be “yes” if this were really a move to enable people to express their views. But, instead, expect the display of slogans to be strictly controlled by thought police behind the scenes, as well as by players’ desire to look out for their own well-being.

Even if players are allowed to place on their jerseys phrases that run counter to the “social justice” orthodoxy, would any player take that risk? Doing so could end a player’s career. Doing so would probably also very much reduce or eliminate his endorsement payments. In the current environment, with groups of people routinely verbally and even physically attacking individuals they decide are racist or just against “the cause,” a player may even risk his life by putting on his jersey a deviating phrase.

Some players would put suggested “social justice messages” on their jerseys because they genuinely want to express something through doing so. Others would be like the unfortunate fellow required to march in a parade in a communist country who hopes that, by helping carry a banner displaying some phrase he is indifferent about or even detests, he can make it through the day without trouble and maybe even improve the situation of himself and his family.]]> Mon, 29 Jun 2020 13:55:48 GMT
It Could Be Worse: Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Wants a National Mask Mandate Adam Dick instead, have mandated that businesses mandate that people wear masks when they go about their daily activities away from home. The masks are mandated in the name of countering coronavirus even though there is no clear evidence they create a net reduction in coronavirus transmission from person to person and there is plenty of reason to believe they impair health.

Further, what people wear or do not wear on their faces is none of governments’ business to control. Will governments next mandate we wear big bubbles around us to protect us?

While the current mask mandates are terrible, things could be worse. There could be a countrywide mask mandate. Presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden, in a Thursday interview with Ken Rice at KDKA-TV of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, declared that, if he were president, he would support just that. Said Biden, “I would do everything in my possible [sic] to make it required that people had to wear masks in public.”

Watch Biden’s interview here:

Note how several times in the short interview Biden can be seen using his fingers to fiddle with and adjust the mask he is wearing. Medical experts have pointed out that this sort of touching of masks helps make masks counterproductive by contaminating the masks, aiding the transmission of coronavirus or other diseases.

Indeed, back before he suddenly turned on a dime to declare people should wear masks after having said they should not, prominent United States government coronavirus policy communicator and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci made just this point about masks in a 60 Minutes interview at CBS television. Fauci said one of the “unintended consequences” of mask wearing is that “people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.” Following up on this comment by Fauci, the interviewer asked, “and can you get some ‘schmutz’ sort of staying inside there.” “Of course, of course,” replied Fauci.]]> Fri, 26 Jun 2020 17:48:16 GMT
President Donald Trump’s ‘Racist Joke’ Adam Dick article by Robert Mackey. Sounds like a major story that could sink President Donald Trump’s chance of reelection, heh? However, it is clear from the first paragraph of the article that what happened at Trump’s Tuesday speech is very different from what the article title suggests. Trump told a pun that played on his contention that coronavirus originated in China and a form of fighting associated with China, and many people in the audience seemed to like the pun. That’s all.

Here is the first paragraph of Mackey’s article:
WATCHING FROM HOME, at first it was hard to say which moment in Donald Trump’s rally at a Phoenix megachurch on Tuesday was the ugliest. Was it when the president of the United States repeated the racist joke he told last weekend in Tulsa, calling Covid-19, the viral disease that emerged in China last year, the “Kung Flu;” or was it a spilt second later, when thousands of his young supporters erupted in cheers?
Helpfully, Mackey placed in his article a video including Trump telling the pun and the audience reacting:

If anti-Trump people look at the matter objectively for a minute, I figure most of them would understand the pun as at least kind of funny and not at all condemnable as racist. But, Mackey’s article is not about looking at the matter objectively. Instead he spins the pun as racist, and the audience reaction to the pun as showing Trump supporters’ racism. This kind of article fulfills some readers’ desire for a new burn of Trump and Trump’s supporters. Now they have it. On to searching for to the next one.

Mackey could use some lightening up about kung fu jokes. Maybe watching the 1978 movie Drunken Master, starring Jackie Chan, could help.

Mackey’s article, brings to mind an October The Intercept article by Mehdi Hassan in which Hassan pinned an “antisemite” label on Trump and Trump’s supporters without providing any substantial evidence to back the claim. I wrote about that article here.

Trump is not the only politician to receive this sort of baseless trashing at The Intercept. In a The Intercept article in January, when Joe Biden was just one of many candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination instead of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee he is now, Aída Chávez was insinuating on very flimsy grounds that Biden had been saying racist stuff.]]> Wed, 24 Jun 2020 20:58:49 GMT
Neighborhood Residents Use Bolt Cutters to Open New York City Playground Shut Down in Coronavirus Crackdown Adam Dick written about police on two occasions backing down in their efforts to stop children of a group of families from using playgrounds in Texas that had been designated off limits in the coronavirus crackdown. In those instances, parents discussed the restriction with police, and once with a vice mayor as well, with the police ultimately assenting to the use of the playgrounds. In the Brooklyn borough of New York City, the effort to ensure kids can use the Middleton Playground has played out differently. Catarina Moura and John Annese report at the New York Daily News that people have at least 26 times — the latest on Monday — cut off locks and chains that, in the name of countering coronavirus, have been used to prevent people from accessing a playground.

The unfairness of the playground closure, especially in light of giant protests occurring throughout the city in defiance or coronavirus restrictions yet with the approval of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, was expressed well by one person quoted in the Daily News story:
Moshi Blum, 32, said the neighborhood’s residents were enraged that their children couldn’t use the playground while thousands of George Floyd protesters could pack together on city streets.

“Most of us have large families,” he said, “We see thousands gather, why should this be a problem?”
Watch here an ABC 7 New York City television report regarding neighborhood residents’ efforts to keep the playground open:

]]> Tue, 16 Jun 2020 14:38:15 GMT
We Don’t Need No Stinking Vaccine for Covid-19 Jeff Harris

A Glaring Omission

With the 24/7 media circus coverage of Covid-19 I find it particularly interesting that there is an obvious glaring omission of some extremely important facts relative to dealing with a virus, especially one that is allegedly so virulent like this one. Yes, I read all about the critical need to shelter in place, stay inside away from other people, wash your hands constantly, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, wear your face mask and by all means observe social distancing if you MUST venture outside for food!

Then it’s repeated ad infinitum that the ONLY hope we have of ever returning to a semblance of normalcy is to have a vaccine to protect us! Then to add some drama to this narrative the media highlights their death-o-meter scoreboard with the implied threat that you’ll be next IF you don’t obey the rules as dictated by the “experts”.

But what is assiduously avoided at all cost is any reference to our most potent defense against any virus; our body’s natural immune system. Try as I might I couldn’t find anything about this first line of defense on the World Health Organizations (WHO) website or Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website. It’s as if it doesn’t exist and is completely irrelevant.

If these organizations were genuinely concerned about the health of citizens they would obviously discuss the vital role a healthy immune system plays in protecting us from illnesses. But since they don’t its obvious some other motive is at work, at least to me, and I strongly suspect to other critical thinkers as well.

We now know from the science and data that over 90% of the people exposed to Covid-19 have no symptoms at all or at worst a mild cold. The flu vaccines we have are only effective 30% to 60% of the time and the bugs change regularly so a vaccine that worked OK last year may barely work at all this year. Let’s learn some more about our body’s immune system.

Virus protection without a vaccine

There is an enlightening article on Web MD titled: “How to use Your Immune System to Stay Healthy”. That’s a pretty straight forward title now isn’t it? Early on Bruce Polsky, MD, interim chairman department of medicine and chief division of infectious disease at St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City says:

“We are endowed with a great immune system that has been designed evolutionarily to keep us healthy.”

The article goes on. . .

“The immune system is your body’s natural defense system. It’s an intricate network of cells, tissues and organs that band together to defend your body against invaders. Those invaders can include bacteria, viruses, parasites, even fungus, all with the potential to make us sick. They are everywhere-in our homes, offices and backyards. . . “

The truth is no amount of social distancing, hand washing or face mask wearing is going to eliminate our exposure to these various bugs. That’s why we were created with this amazing first line of natural defense.

Here’s more from Web MD . . .

“The immune system can recognize millions of different antigens. And it can produce what it needs to eradicate nearly all of them. When it’s working properly, this elaborate defense system can keep health problems ranging from cancer to the common cold at bay. . . “

Wow! That’s pretty amazing stuff isn’t it! According to Web MD a properly functioning immune system can “keep health problems ranging from cancer to the common cold at bay.” So why isn’t this “science” being included in all the other health recommendations we’re being bombarded with daily? It seems to me that any “expert” worth their salt would be talking about the importance of a healthy immune system to stay healthy.

But there’s more . . .

The Web MD article noted that failure to eat a healthy diet, sitting around not exercising, not getting enough sleep and chronic stress can all lead to a compromised immune system. To quote Dr. Polsky again:

“. . . Lifestyle aspects are very, very important.” 

So if our lifestyle is very, very important to staying healthy as the good doctor says ask yourself this question? Based on the Web M.D. article virtually all the results of the lockdown serve to weaken our immune systems. The stress of unemployment, constant harping about infections and rising death rates, lack of exercise and now a crack in our food distribution system all are known to weaken the human immune system.

I also find it quite interesting that large groups of people can shop at Walmart, Home Depot or other big box stores but they can’t attend their local church even if it’s a “drive through” service?

Web M.D. says:

“Research shows that people with close friendships and strong support systems tend to be healthier than those who lack such supports.”

During times of crisis people need encouragement and their faith built up more than ever before. Mandating people huddle in fear in their homes with constant media reports of infections and death bombarding them continually is there any wonder peoples immune systems are under severe stress?

Boosting Your Immune System

If you would like to boost your immune system consider checking out Dr. Mercola’s website at . He’s an osteopathic MD with a focus on natural health. There are a variety of simple, low cost resources you can utilize to support good immune system health so you can hopefully fight off the bugs that are a part of everyday life.

And above all, avoid the main stream media like the plague! Their fear mongering is doing more to harm the nation’s health than any virus ever could! Boost your immune system and laugh at Covid-19 and all the cowering sheeple you see furtively scurrying about with their masks on. Humans were created with a natural immune system that has served them well for thousands of years to combat flu bugs. By following some common sense steps you can ensure your immune system is functioning well and provides the first-line-of-defense that protects 90% of the population.]]> Tue, 09 Jun 2020 19:49:41 GMT
Libertarian Party Chairman Invites Prominent Nonlibertarians in American Politics to Join the Party Adam Dick

Have you heard about these prominent American libertarians? A former United States Marine Corps general who was a secretary of defense in the Donald Trump administration while taking a break from serving on the Board of Directors of General Dynamics, one of the largest military contractors in the world. A Democratic member of the US House of Representatives from Massachusetts. A Republican member of the US Senate from Alaska.

Of course, you have not heard of these libertarians. That makes sense. No such people are libertarians.

Last week, United States Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark suggested to these nonlibertarians that they join the Libertarian Party. For the House and Senate members, his suggestion went so far as that they change their party affiliations in Congress to Libertarian.

On Wednesday, Sarwark announced at Twitter his invitation for James Mattis, the current General Dynamics Board of Directors member and former US secretary of defense, to join the Libertarian Party. Wrote Sarwark, “I'd like to formally invite General Mattis to join the Libertarian Party.”

Then, on Thursday, Sarwark posted tweets directed to two US Congress members. Addressing US House of Representatives member Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) in a Twitter post, Sarwark wrote, “I believe @justinamash would welcome you to the Libertarian caucus in the House if you want to work more closely with a party dedicated to criminal justice reform.” In a tweet directed to US Senate member Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Sarwark wrote, “If you're inclined, you could become the first Libertarian in the Senate.”

Sarwark’s term as Libertarian Party chairman is set to end in July (postponed from May due to a change in the party’s national convention schedule). He is not seeking reelection to the party office.

]]> Mon, 08 Jun 2020 14:07:58 GMT
Black Lives Matter Plaza: Turning a Political Slogan into a Street Name in Washington, DC Adam Dick

On Friday, Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that a portion of 16th Street near the White House had been renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza. That day a street sign bearing the new name was installed. “Black lives matter” was painted in huge yellow letters on the road surface on Friday as well.

“Let's meet this evening at the corner of Black Lives Matter Plaza and Flatten the Curve Avenue. If you reach No Justice No Peace Road, My Body My Choice Drive, Sensible Gun Control Boulevard, or Me Too Street, turn around, you missed the intersection.” That may be the kind of directions people will be providing in Washington, DC in the future if the city government keeps renaming roads after political slogans.]]> Fri, 05 Jun 2020 22:59:36 GMT
The Absurdity of Enforcing Coronavirus Mandate Business Restrictions While Mass Protests, Rioting, and Looting Abound Adam Dick

Across America over the last week large groups of people have been protesting. Many people have also crowded together rioting and looting, often with no police taking any action to stop the out-in-the-open assaults and theft. Meanwhile, in many of the same cities and towns across America businesses remain totally shut down or are legally allowed to operate only under new restrictions that make profitable functioning difficult to impossible, all in the name of countering coronavirus.

That is not fair. That is not just.

Sure, people have a right to protest. But, people also have a right to engage in commerce.

People do not have a right to physically attack individuals who are not endangering people or property. And people do hot have a right to steal. Yet, in many places across America, cops are just letting such happen.

In contrast, people do have the right to strike a bargain for mutual benefit — exchange money for goods or services at a business, for example. Yet, they fear to do so because of government mandates prohibiting such actions.

Governments mandating, in the name of countering coronavirus, that businesses shut down or operate under new restrictions has been an aberration since it started in March. Now, there is the additional blight that owners of businesses are continuing to suffer under these draconian mandates while other activities such as protests, rioting, and looting that could spread the coronavirus under the logic of the mandates are flourishing. Of course, businesses have also suffered directly from the thefts and physical destruction.

Take New York City for example. While New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is condoning people engaging in mass protests in favor of certain causes with which he agrees and while the looting of businesses and destroying of property has occurred with little effective counter-action from city police, the coronavirus crackdown on businesses continues strong.

Karol Markowics addresses the problem well in her June 2 New York Post editorial “If protesters can march, why can’t businesses open?” Early on in her editorial, Markowics describes the painful situation many New York City businesses find themselves in under the continuing government-mandated restraints on their operation. She writes:
New York City is still a full five days away from entering Phase 1. This will open up only some industries, like construction and manufacturing and retail on a pickup basis only.

Many business owners are wondering if they’ll have a business left to open when their turn finally comes.
Continuing, Markowics writes:
The protests have exposed the absurdity of the continued lockdowns. It’s either a public-health emergency and crowds must be stopped or it’s not. It cannot be both.

On Sunday, as protests continued in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a video circulated online of a city sheriff just a few avenues away giving tickets to open stores on 13th Avenue in Brooklyn.

None of this makes any sense anymore. The jig is up, the lockdown is over, our elected officials just need to catch up.
Exactly. Governments across America should ditch the phased reopenings and the accompanying new regulations, including percentage occupancy caps and new surveillance programs called “contract tracing.” Instead, just let people buy and sell as they choose. End the mask mandates too, along with the group size limits, stay-at-home orders, and the rest of the kit and kaboodle of draconian restrictions placed on businesses and individuals in the name of countering coronavirus.

Politicians should leave their dystopian dreams of a “new normal” behind and immediately rescind the entire coronavirus crackdown so Americans can choose to return to their “old normal.” As Markowicz writes, “the jig is up.”]]> Fri, 05 Jun 2020 13:54:19 GMT
Protesters, Rioters, Looters, and Revolutionaries, Be Aware There Are Government Agents Among You Adam Dick

With protests, riots, looting, and revolutionary acts rising over the last few days across the country, here is a bit of information for participants in these activities to keep in mind: There are likely government agents among you. These government agents are undercover and taking part in the activities with you. Their role may be to take down names and inform on activities; their role may to act as provocateurs, seeking to lead you and others to do or say particular things; their role may be to make arrests.

This fact of life in America came to mind when I looked at a Friday Twitter post by journalist Luke Rudkowski. Rudkowski’s tweet includes a video clip in which a uniformed cop is among a group of people, many of whom seem to not be too happy with the cop. The cop is doling out some physical abuse, particularly on an individual he is trying to restrain, and receiving some physical abuse as well from several people in the crowd. It appears that the cop may be on the verge of being overpowered and seriously hurt. Indeed, it looks like a situation where he may pull out a gun to protect himself.

In the latter part of the video, one more person rushes into the area of conflict and seems to engage in a scuffle with the cop, drawing the cop out of the area and even chasing the cop off. At least that is how it seemed the first time I watched the video.

Something seemed off about how the two men interacted in the latter part of the video, so I watched a few more times.

Watching the video over and over, it looks more and more like the man who had seemed to come in to scuffle with the cop is actually pulling the cop out of the fray as a friend or coworker may do, while maybe putting on some ruse of conflict to ensure the extraction works. Indeed, at the end of the video clip, after a few viewings, it sure looks like neither man is chasing after the other. Instead, once clear of the danger that had confronted the cop, both men appear to jog off together.

It seems impossible to be certain just from looking at the video clip, but what appears to be happening here is an undercover cop, posing as a member of the protest, riot, or whatever came in to save the uniformed cop’s bacon or to prevent a further escalation of the physical conflict.

Undercover government agents are out there, and they are not out there just to protect the uniformed police. They are also there for purposes including surveilling and foiling the protesters, rioters, looters, or revolutionaries, as well as both provoking people to commit crimes and making arrests.

]]> Sat, 30 May 2020 13:43:57 GMT
Virginia’s Statewide Mask Mandate Adam Dick

Starting Friday, people ten years old and older who are indoors just about anywhere in Virginia other than in private homes will be required by a new executive order of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to “cover their mouth and nose with a face covering, as described and recommended by” the United Sates government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Further, the mandate even requires wearing such a mask when outside at a long list of places “if a distance of six feet from every other person cannot be maintained.”

Oh brother. Indeed, oh Big Brother.

Like many other draconian mandates imposed by the Virginia governor and other politicians across America, the new mask mandate is purportedly purposed to counter coronavirus. That, of course, is a stretch given that there is no clear evidence masks protect people from coronavirus and that the mandate is being imposed when even the CDC is admitting the coronavirus threat is much, much less than many coronavirus crackdown proponents have been claiming over the last few months.

Northam lists in his executive order a few exceptions. For example, people can remove their masks while eating and drinking and while exercising.

People opposed to being required to wear a mask should take particular notice of this exception listed in the executive order:
Nothing in this Order shall require the use of a face covering by any person for whom doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety because of a medical condition.
In regard to this exception, the executive order further states:
Any person who declines to wear a face covering because of a medical condition shall not be required to produce or carry medical documentation verifying the stated condition nor shall the person be required to identify the precise underlying medical condition.
I don’t know about you, but following draconian government mandates makes me sick.

Unfortunately, many businesses and their managers can be expected to enforce this new mandate vigorously, choosing to kick out people who refuse to wear a mask and even to disregard the executive order’s listed exceptions. Some of these businesses or their managers will do so because they fear government enforcement actions that may come if there are reports of unmasked individuals at the businesses. Others will enthusiastically join in a zealous effort, often also supported by a substantial number of their customers, to stomp out any departure from the new dress code of subservience.]]> Wed, 27 May 2020 23:29:59 GMT
Gunshot Victims Count As Coronavirus Deaths in Washington State Robert Wenzel

Here is more on the absurd and very curious order from the CDC to count any death of a COVID-19 infected person who has died as a "COVID-19 death."

Democrat Washington governor Jay Inslee, whose daughter-in-law works for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, oversees a state government that has now admitted to counting gunshot deaths as Coronavirus deaths in official numbers pertaining to the virus, which sparked a draconian lockdown in Inslee’s state, reports the National File.

Freedom Foundation reports: “Today, officials at the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that, as the Freedom Foundation reported on Monday, the state is counting in its COVID-19 death total the deaths of persons who tested positive for the virus but died from other causes. In remarks made during a telephonic press briefing, DOH officials even acknowledged knowingly including multiple deaths caused by gunshot wounds in the state’s COVID-19 fatality count.

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Jacob Hornberger Comes in Second for Libertarian Presidential Nomination Adam Dick

Future of Freedom Foundation President Jacob Hornberger failed to win the Libertarian Party presidential nomination in Saturday evening online voting by party delegates. Hornberger, who has spoken at Ron Paul Institute (RPI) events and whose articles have been regularly posted at the RPI website, came in second place in the fourth and final ballot cast by delegates.

Jo Jorgensen won the nomination.

Delegates will vote online Sunday to select the party’s nominee for vice president.

Though you will not be seeing Hornberger on the campaign trail as a presidential candidate this summer and fall, you can continue to read his insightful articles concerning liberty, current events, and history at the RPI website.

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Danger: Cops are on the Road Adam Dick

Once police stop you, a ticket is the least of your worries,” writes Jacob Sullum early on in his new Reason article “10 Ways a Roadside Police Stop Can Go Wrong.”

After starting off with a short examination of the discretion police have to pull over vehicles on the road for a plethora of reasons, Sullum addresses, in turn, ten of the ways beyond a ticket that a traffic stop can be harmful. He starts with number one, having one’s driver license taken away, and proceeds on to number ten, being killed.

Read Sullum’s very informative and disturbing article
here to learn how much the deck is stacked against drivers and their passengers when their vehicles are stopped by cops on the road.

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Test Positive for Coronavirus, End Up in a Police Database Adam Dick

So you are curious whether you have coronavirus? You could take a coronavirus test to find out. Well, not really find out, since the test results are not reliable. Nonetheless, you can take a test to obtain at least a Magic 8 Ball level answer of if you are or are not infected with coronavirus.

Here is some information likely unknown to many people when they are tested: The names and addresses of people who test positive are often handed over to police departments that can input or tag those names and addresses in police databases.

Kimberlee Kruesi provides the details in a Tuesday Associated Press article. She starts off her article with the following revelation:
More than 11 million people have been tested in the U.S. for COVID-19, all with the assurance that their private medical information would remain protected and undisclosed.

Yet, public officials in at least two-thirds of states are sharing the addresses of people who tested positive with first responders — from police officers to firefighters to EMTs. An Associated Press review found that at least 10 of those states also share the patients’ names.
Kinda makes those coronavirus tests that many government officials and people in the media have been promoting seem less warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?

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US Sparking Another Tanker War with Iran? RPI Staff ]]> Tue, 19 May 2020 12:53:13 GMT