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Don’t Just Legalize Marijuana, End the Entire Drug War

Voters approving marijuana legalization in four more states on November 8 took another bite out of the drug war in America. Still, in regard to other drugs, the drug war rages on. Also, many state and local governments, as well as the United States government, continue to fight a war on marijuana.

I had the opportunity to discuss this situation in detail with hosts Joshua Bennett and Michael Anderson at KFAR radio in Fairbanks, Alaska in November. The discussion includes consideration of related matters, including the right of people to consume drugs, use of the drug war to expand government power, special interests that oppose efforts to roll back parts of the drug war, and practical benefits of drug legalization.

Listen here to the complete interview, in which I also discuss with the hosts matters including the 2016 presidential election and what Donald Trump’s victory may mean for US intervention overseas and respect for liberty in America:

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