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Ron Paul: 'The Neocons Are Hysterical'


In advance of his scheduled speech Wednesday at Syracuse University, RPI Chairman Ron Paul answers a few reader-supplied questions to the online newspaper The questions cover a variety of topics, but here is an excerpt of interest to RPI readers, the recent dispute over Crimea. Dr. Paul points out the surge of interest in his Institute, where so many are turning for a factual alternative to the US mainstream media:

Q: I read your opinion piece about Crimea earlier this week in USA Today. If the U.S. shouldn't care about that, what should we care about in foreign affairs?

Ron Paul: We should care about minding our own business and tending to our own business and setting a good example. That's how we should handle it. Be friends with people. Trade with people. Talk with them. Be diplomatic, but not threats and innuendos.

We have two choices today. We either give them money and if we don't get the right dictator in charge, then, we start bombing them. I resent both of those.

As far as the article goes, it has been unbelievably beneficial to the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. The numbers of people who are flocking there now are in the hundreds of thousands because they have no other place to go.

It's so uniform. Every TV station - conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat - they all say 'Ok, let's go get Putin'...They're the enemy. They're another Hitler. We have to do something about it.

At the same time, we're in 140 countries around the world, 900 bases. They say, well, Russia just invaded Crimea. Well, maybe from their viewpoint, they did what they thought they had to do. We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, North Africa and we have the gall to say that all the evil in the world is on Putin's shoulders. That is so distorted.

... You know where we get the support is from the young people. This is similar to Obama's plan to further expand our war in Syria. We were going to start bombing, but there was such an outcry that the congressmen knew they couldn't support it, so they had to back off. ... Believe me, the neoconservatives are hysterical. They want to go to war against Iran. But the young people don't.

They're the ones who have to pay for this. They are the ones, either they or their friends will have to go over there and lose their legs and lose their arms and lose their lives for no-win wars that aren't Constitutionally justified.

Read the entire interview here.

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