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Ron Paul Institute’s McAdams Talks Syria, Vladimir Putin and John McCain’s Assessment of the Rebels

From Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio:

With the situation in Syria ever-changing and fluid, and a number of unexpected events coming out of it plastered in the media nearly daily, it’s increasingly more difficult to wrap your head around all this.

To help clear things up and give his thoughts on Syria and the events surrounding it, the Executive Director for the Ron Paul Institute of Peace and Prosperity, Daniel McAdams joined us Saturday, Sept. 21 on Dispatch Radio (Listen below).

During the interview McAdams summarized the recent events, discussed Vladimir Putin and some in the US “childish” response to his Op-Ed, questioned the credibility of John McCain and his so-called “expertise” on the composition of the Syrian rebels and the lack of evidence provided by the United States government of who used chemical weapon.

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