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Max Boot Greases The Wheels of Empire

Max Boot lays it on pretty thick here:
America’s brave troopers today fight for freedom in Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond, all the while yearning, as FDR said, “for the end of battle” when they can return home. They are not there to seize natural resources or to pump up a president’s approval ratings–nor, for all of my differences with President Obama, do I believe he has ordered troops into harm’s way for such nefarious purposes.
If that isn’t the exact opposite of truth, I don't know what is.
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Jennifer Rubin: 'We Must Fix Burma Now!'

Maintaining a military empire is an impossible task. Austrian economic theory explains the reasons why, and human history has more than proved the fact in an empirical sense. Yet, despite the countless failures at world domination, a new batch of power-lusters are always ready to roll the dice that are permanently loaded against them.

In our times, it is the neoconservatives who have gained control of the State apparatus and have sufficiently bamboozled the public into believing their lies. What are the fruits that have been reaped from their poisonous tree? Complete and abject failure!
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Fully Fanged, Dick Cheney Emerges From the Shadows...

Neocons appear to actually be emboldened by their failures, using disasters they have wrought as excuses to double-down on faulty analysis, bad advice, a twisted worldview. 

What happened as the great Iraq liberation, the glorious mythology of the 2007 "surge," the brilliance of the counter-insurgency doctrine all turned to dust as ISIS vehicles screamed through the desert toward Baghdad last month? On channel after television channel, the featured "experts" were again those same neocons who were so disastrously wrong in the first place. 

There was Charles Krauthamer, smugly blaming Obama for the failure of his cherished war. There were the Kagans, shameless promoters of war and shameless beneficiaries of the military-industrial complex that funds their frauds.
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Let Ron Paul Help You Fight Back Against Neocons on Iraq

The neocons cannot stand that Ron Paul was right on Iraq. 

They ridiculed him as he argued -- beginning at least in 1998 -- against another US attack. They ignored his hundreds of House Floor speeches, television appearances, weekly columns, and more. What did he know, they asked. All the real experts knew it was going to be a great and easy victory that would remake the Middle East into a paradise of democracy and tolerance. It wouldn't cost a penny, they assured us, because a grateful Iraqi population would be more than happy to re-pay the US for their liberation. 

As Iraq burns, the neocons are still claiming to be "experts." They are still demanding that we listen to their brilliant analysis and advice.
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Michael Rubin Keeps Pushing For 'Regime Change' In Iran

Neocon Michael Rubin has been calling for “regime change” in Iran for many years. In other words, letting people on the other side of the Earth decide their own fate is out of the question. In his eyes, it’s the job of the United States government (using our hard earned money) to install a government for the Iranians.

That the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was in reaction (i.e., blowback) to the U.S. pulling the strings in Iran with its puppet dictator (the Shah) doesn’t seem to make a difference. Rubin won’t let a bunch of clerics throw the U.S. out of their affairs, and let them get away with it; even 30 years later.
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US Cuts Egypt Military Aid, Jeffrey Goldberg Has Panic Attack

After several months of violent crackdowns by the Egyptian military on its own people, it’s being reported that the U.S. government has decided to reel in some of the "military aid" that it doles out to the country.

Naturally, curtailing any type of "leverage" that the U.S. may hold over another nation, will tend to irritate your typical neocon -- like Jeffrey Goldberg, for example.

You see, in Goldberg’s world, when the average American clocks into his/her job, it’s not for their own benefit, or for their family, but for the American elites, who decided 100 years ago to turn the world into a giant Risk game board.
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Pletka Paralyzed by Prospect of Peace

Ron Paul has long advocated talking to the Iranians in lieu of another wasteful and dangerous war. Back during the last Presidential campaign Dr. Paul said as follows:
“I don’t want them [Iran] to get a weapon. But I think what we’re doing is encouraging them to have a weapon because they feel threatened. If you look at a map of Iran, we have 45 bases around their country, plus our submarines. The Iranians can’t possibly attack anybody, and we’re worrying about the possibility of one nuclear weapon.

Now, just think about the Cold War. The Soviets had 30,000 of them, and we talked to them. The Soviets killed 100 million people...and we worked our way out of it…

We talked to the Soviets during the Cuban Crisis. We can at least talk to somebody who we do not have proof that [they] have a weapon. Why go to war so carelessly?”
Here we are approaching the end of 2013, and an American President has finally broken the 34 year silence by speaking with an Iranian leader.
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