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Let's Not Forget The Neocons Who Cheered The Egyptian Military Into Power

Earlier this year, the Egyptian military overthrew the democratically elected Mohammed Morsi. Much has happened since the initial violent crackdown on Morsi’s supporters. The Muslim Brotherhood, which has been around some 80 years, has been labeled a “terrorist organization” by the Egyptian government, and now even bloggers who speak out against the military are being jailed.

Plenty of neocons cheered the military coup from the sidelines when it occurred. With all of their flap about the U.S. ‘bringing democracy to the world’, this apparently was a case where a coup was necessary.
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Watch Your Wallets! Jonathan Tobin Is Concerned About Losing Egypt

Jonathan Tobin who says that “there is more to democracy than voting”, and who also supported the military coup in Egypt, is pleased with the results on the one hand, yet concerned on the other.

You see, the ousted (and democratically elected) Muslim Brotherhood had to go according to Tobin. He said that “the Brotherhood was able to win elections because it was the only truly organized mass party in the country.” Oh boy! That’s like cheating! Perhaps the unorganized should have won the election?
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US Cuts Egypt Military Aid, Jeffrey Goldberg Has Panic Attack

After several months of violent crackdowns by the Egyptian military on its own people, it’s being reported that the U.S. government has decided to reel in some of the "military aid" that it doles out to the country.

Naturally, curtailing any type of "leverage" that the U.S. may hold over another nation, will tend to irritate your typical neocon -- like Jeffrey Goldberg, for example.

You see, in Goldberg’s world, when the average American clocks into his/her job, it’s not for their own benefit, or for their family, but for the American elites, who decided 100 years ago to turn the world into a giant Risk game board.
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Neocons Delighted With Egypt Chaos

Neocons held no love for Egypt’s deposed President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, which some felt threatened the US “influence” over Egyptian affairs that is rented with the annual $1.5 billion foreign assistance check. That a democracy was to be undermined by tanks was no big deal to them – it’s all about influence.

Charles Krauthammer said: “We have no particular stake in Egypt’s economy. Our stake is in its politics. Yes, we would like to see a strong economy. But in a country ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood?”

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