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Michael Ledeen: A Deal With Iran Is Not Enough

If you’re a non-interventionist, neocon Michael Ledeen has some news for you. Don’t get too excited about a nuclear deal with Iran:
First, our problems with Iran go way beyond the nuclear deal. If we could wave a magic wand and cause the entire nuclear project to disappear, we would still have to contend with a radical Islamist regime that has declared war on us, and is waging it from the Middle East to South America.
Isn’t that an odd statement?

Iran is waging war on “us” in the Middle East and South America? Since when are the Middle East and South America “us”?
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Jennifer Rubin's Obsession With An Israeli Attack On Iran

Neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin, is one of the loudest voices in calling for Iran to be turned into a parking lot. She doesn’t put all her eggs (i.e., bombs) in one basket either. If the U.S. doesn’t take the lead in the destruction, she has a backup plan: the Israeli military. Watch her obsession unfold over time:
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Jennifer Rubin's Gunboat Diplomacy

We can all be thankful that Obama doesn’t use neocon commissar Jennifer Rubin as one of his negotiators.

Rubin, who almost daily mentions that Israel should “act” (i.e., drop bombs on Iran) is fed up with US negotiations. This is how she sees it:

What Obama is doing is taking away the Hobson’s choice the West wants to present Iran: Give up your nuclear weapons or watch your economy and regime crumble.
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Michael Rubin Keeps Pushing For 'Regime Change' In Iran

Neocon Michael Rubin has been calling for “regime change” in Iran for many years. In other words, letting people on the other side of the Earth decide their own fate is out of the question. In his eyes, it’s the job of the United States government (using our hard earned money) to install a government for the Iranians.

That the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was in reaction (i.e., blowback) to the U.S. pulling the strings in Iran with its puppet dictator (the Shah) doesn’t seem to make a difference. Rubin won’t let a bunch of clerics throw the U.S. out of their affairs, and let them get away with it; even 30 years later.
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A Crackpot Psychoanalysis of The Iran Deal

I’ve read countless neocon interpretations of the P5+1 / Iranian deal, and for the most part, they all rhyme. Neocons are upset and they’re gnashing their teeth across the board. However, one interpretation stood out from the rest. Michael Ledeen wrote a piece that was several standard deviations away from the usual bellyaching, especially when it came to creativity and imagination.

Watch Ledeen moonlight as a psychologist who provides the actual motivations involved in making the deal.
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Peace Breaks Out...Neocons Weep

A peaceful agreement has been reached between the P5+1 nations and Iran. As expected, the bomb-dropping idea peddlers are crying like babies:

Daniel Pipes calls peace a disaster: “Barack Obama has made many foreign policy errors in the past five years, but this is the first to rank as a disaster.”

Jennifer Rubin hopes Israel can still find a way to bomb: “Admin needs to reaffirm final deal will comply fully with UN resolutions. If not Israel should act”.

Michael Ledeen is not losing hope for war either: “this might make war more possible, life is full of surprises.”
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The Free Beacon Is Lucky Ron Paul Is No Longer In Congress

Congressman, Brad Schneider (D-IL), was in the process of introducing a bill in the House that sought to delay a new round of sanctions on Iran. That is, until the neocon Free Beacon caught wind of it.

How dare Schneider suggest waiting a measly four months before increasing sanctions?

Following the Free Beacon’s story, Schneider shelved the bill. He then “organized an impromptu conference Tuesday evening to explain to pro-Israel leaders why he authored a bill that could delay a new round of Iran sanctions…”
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Sen. Menendez's Bull In A China Shop Negotiating Style

We all know that deep the heart of every neocon, they really don’t like “talks” with Iran. A peaceful resolution may come from such talks, and that’ll just set back the ultimate goal of accomplishing “regime change” in the country. If “the nuclear issue” is removed from the table peacefully, a major excuse for pre-emptive war against Iran would go right down the drain.

Those of us who correctly advocate a non-interventionist U.S. foreign policy say that it’s none of the U.S. government’s business how other governments go about defending themselves. However, since the U.S. government does not listen too much (yet) to us non-interventionists, the next best thing that we can call for is for peaceful negotiations instead of another reckless and unnecessary war.
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Michael Ledeen: Enough Talk Already...Ramp up The War Machine!

The military empire is no different than any other bureaucracy. Whereas in the private sector, failure means that you go out of business; government failure means the exact opposite. When the bureaucrats fail, it’s an excuse for bigger budgets, and expansion of the failures.

Neocon Michael Ledeen continues in that tradition, and unsurprisingly want’s less talking with other countries, and more bomb dropping.
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