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Dick Cheney

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Fully Fanged, Dick Cheney Emerges From the Shadows...

Neocons appear to actually be emboldened by their failures, using disasters they have wrought as excuses to double-down on faulty analysis, bad advice, a twisted worldview. 

What happened as the great Iraq liberation, the glorious mythology of the 2007 "surge," the brilliance of the counter-insurgency doctrine all turned to dust as ISIS vehicles screamed through the desert toward Baghdad last month? On channel after television channel, the featured "experts" were again those same neocons who were so disastrously wrong in the first place. 

There was Charles Krauthamer, smugly blaming Obama for the failure of his cherished war. There were the Kagans, shameless promoters of war and shameless beneficiaries of the military-industrial complex that funds their frauds.
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