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Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

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Celebrate the Decline of Neocon Thought Control!

At the beginning of the year, I outlined three trends we should cheer. 

And now, just three months later, one of them is proceeding so rapidly that the bad guys are in an outright panic. 

Thus: a recent column in Commentary, a neoconservative publication, warned that “anyone with the Internet can write a blog or tweet or Facebook post or can Skype or record a podcast. The castle no longer has walls. The gatekeepers are mostly useless.” 

That’s pretty much what I said, too, except my remarks weren’t a warning. They were a celebration.
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Ron Paul is Right About Terrorism

I saw George Stephanopolous and his panel of Bill Kristol and 3 other neocons this morning. They all agreed: Trump is dead because people will want a man experienced in government and foreign and intelligence affairs, like the puppet Rubio. Or like the heads of the French state? Also, the US must invade Syria, murder Assad, install al-Qaeda, and finish the destruction of that country for the benefit of the empire and the local mini-empire. An anti-Islamist Arab leader cannot be allowed to continue in office. See Sadddam Hussein and Khadaffi.
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Yoo Kidding Me?

John Yoo, the torture-justifying lawyer of the Bush II regime, criticizes Obama’s bloody, murderous, warmongering foreign policy as replicating a Ron Paul presidency!

John, let me give you a quick rundown of what a Ron Paul foreign policy would actually look like, based on the Golden Rule and the teaching that it is the peacemakers who shall be called the sons of God, not the neocons.
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Neocons Flip-Out Over Handshake

Of course, if there is one thing we know, neocons are in a constant state of hysteria. And now Obama has sent them further around the bend by shaking hands with Raoul Castro at the Mandela funeral. Good for Obama, and may this presage an end to the vicious, life-long anti-Cuban people US sanctions and to the opening of free trade and travel. And note that Raoul is less anti-market than Fidel.
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